9 Bollywood Actresses with the Best Abs

Move over Tiger Shroff, some of our divas now sport six pack an washboard abs that can give Bollywood hunks a run for their money. Bollywood stars put in extra effort to look good and spend hours in the gym, trying to sculpt an shape their bodies. Until a few years ago, six packs and washboard abs were seen only on Bollywood heroes, but now, their female counterparts are not shying away from sporting six packs and ripped bodies. Do not believe us? Check out these Bollywood actresses with the best abs in town.

Bollywood Actresses with the Best Abs

1. Katrina Kaif: We give credit to Katrina Kaif to start the trend of “abs” amongst Bollywood actresses. She has the perfect body, head to toe! Also read: “Bollywood Actresses and Their Favourite Home Remedies For Skin.”
Katrina abs

2. Shwetha Tiwari: This mom-of-two has proved that nothing is impossible – at 41 years of age, she now sports washboard abs!Shwetha abs

3. Nikki Tamboli: We wonder how she eats whatever she wants (even ice cream) and still has the best abs out there.

Nikki tamboli abs

4. Disha Patani: She is a fitness freak and an icon we all look up to. If anything is sculpted, it’s Disha Patani’s body.

Disha Patani abs

5. Deepika Padukone: We love everything about Deepika, her abs the most!

Paukon abs

6. Samantha Ruth Prabhu: She has won accolades for her acting prowess, now she is inspiring us with hr chiseled abs.

Samantha abs

7. Sara Ali Khan: She is an inspiration because she went from all the way from 96 to 56 kg, just by eating right and exercising.

sara 1

8. Shraddha Kapoor: Look at her sculpted abs! Also read: “Favorite Skin Care and Beauty Products of 10 Bollywood Celebs.”

abs shraadha

9. Malaika Arora: Would you believe, she is 48 years old! Also read: “10 Tips that Bollywood Actresses Follow to Look Young.”
Malaika abs

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