Bollywood Actresses with PCOD and How They Treated The Condition

There is an old English proverb that goes something like this, “life is not a bed of roses.” What is signified via the metaphor is that everyone has to face some problems and struggle in life to survive. All of us have to face some obstacle and hindrance in our respective lives – each and every one of us has our very own battles to fight and prevail. That becomes our life’s story. And practically no one is spared this battle of life; irrespective of whether you are rich or poor, educated or illiterate, men or women, all of us have to face our own battles in life. It is such a universal human condition that even world renowned celebrities are not spared. Recently, quite a few world renowned celebrities such as Emma Thompson and Victoria Beckham, have come out in public and shared with us all how they have been fighting their own battle with a health condition PCOD or the Polycystic Ovarian Disease. Since then, a number of prominent Bollywood celebrities have also taken to the public forum to share awareness about the condition as well as inspiring several thousand women all over India not to surrender to the disease, rather to fight on. They have uninhibitedly shared with us how they have braved this medical condition as well as telling us what remedial measures they adopted for themselves and succeeded in their battle against PCOD. So, today we shall take some time to spare a few words on this issue of some serious public importance and wide concern. And ever since Bollywood actresses have started to come out to share their stories of their respective fight against PCOD for obvious reasons, they have not only made national headlines but have played a significant role in spearing awareness about this medical condition among all and sundry.

Three Bollywood actresses have so far made their fight with PCOD public and they are Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan. These three Bollywood divas have inspired thousands of women all over this country who are also battling this medical condition, have infused new fighting spirit and zeal to carry on and to never surrender. These three Bollywood actresses have made their medical condition public all that they did to combat the condition in the first place. So, for this article, we will go over the details of their struggles and what they opine and advise other women also diagnosed with the same disease.

Bollywood Actresses with PCOD and How They Treated The Condition

1. Sonam Kapoor: Actress Sonam Kapoor is the daughter of famous Bollywood Actor Anil Kapoor, and has earned a name for herself with her talent and hard work as a world class actress. A flawless beauty and the ultimate fashionista, Sonam has been one of the leading ladies of B-town for quite some years now, having bagged a National Award as well. But it was only when she publicly disclosed the fact that she had suffered from PCOD and that she had fought a lot to win the battle that she captured the imagination of the millions of Bollywood fans and came to be considered as one of the strongest actresses in Bollywood history. And this is what Sonam Kapoor has to say about her fight against PCOD. Sonam claims that she had always been an overweight kid and that she was diagnosed with PCOD when she was just in her teens. Like any other normal human being, she was listless for the first few weeks, terribly disheartened and understandably depressed. It took every bit of courage that she could manage to muster to finally get out of that mood and then try to take stock of her life, to take charge of her life and steer it out of it. The plump kid took initiative and with the proper diet and exercise regime, she not only won her battle against adolescent obesity, depression, diabetes and hormonal imbalance (that had apparently been responsible of unnatural hair growth on her face). Her timely switch to a healthier lifestyle did the trick and now she is a national heartthrob and a diva. That’s right, the girl who allegedly gained over 35 kilograms in under 5-6 months is now on the cover of the world’s leading fashion and lifestyle magazines, consistently being voted as one of the hottest actresses in the entire country. Her photo shoots are national news events and her attires and dress up becomes the golden standard of fashion statement in the country nowadays.

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Sonam says that she really enjoys coconut water. And while she practises no restraints or restrictions on her diet, she does her best to avoid excess salt and sugar. She also consumes cucumber juice to boost her energy levels. She is a regular dancer and she swims. She has the habit of eating after every two-hour interval to keep her metabolic rate at an optimum level. She is also a fan of jogging and is an ardent advocate of Pilates.

3. Kareena Kapoor: She is one of those actresses who require no introduction. She hails from the legendary Kapoor family of the Bollywood industry, She has acted in some of the biggest Bollywood movies in history and has to her credit 6 Filmfare awards and is one the highest paid actresses of Bollywood, but she shook the nation when she came out in public to let the world know that she too was diagnosed with PCOD and that she is winning the battle (keeping it under control) through will power, lifestyle changes.

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Sleep, stress management, regular exercise and proper diet – these are key ingredients to Bebo’s health and fitness and success against PCOD. She advocated the consumption of coconut, ghee, jaggery and aliv seeds in proportion as they help by opening up skin pores. Raw banana and yam are also her favourites. She advices us to consume sprouted vegetables that assist in tackling PMS, migraine, etc. To all this dietary suggestions, she advocates backing up lifestyle with regular exercise to keep the hormone levels at bay. She also advises calcium and vitamin B12 to help in providing relief during period cramps.

3. Sara Ali Khan: She is the new kid in the block. Her Bollywood career started just recently in 2018 with her debut performance in the movie “Kedarnath.” She is the daughter of Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan and actress Amrita Singh. But what really got the general crowd emotional was the story of her life before all the jazz and razzmatazz. As a teenager, Sara was struggling with obesity and she was diagnosed with PCOD. She had to work really hard; exercise and diet, to get into shape and also to stay on top of her medical condition. Her story inspired millions of young women in our country and she continues to be a source of inspiration. She made her story public at the popular talk show “Koffee with Karan” and she has been in the limelight ever since.

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Sara followed a strict dietary regime that consisted of egg whites and toast or idlis for breakfast; chapatis daal, vegetables, salad and fruits for lunch. Her snacks constituted upma while she had chapatis accompanied with green veggies for dinner. She prefers to eat oats before workout and post work out Sara goes for protein shake, tofu, salad and legumes. Sara advises women with PCOD to take their exercise seriously. From yoga to swimming to hitting the gym on a regular basis – you must follow up on everything if you want to stay on top and ahead of the disease. Sara admits that it is difficult to manage your weight if you are diagnosed with PCOD; however, she refuses to acquiesce to the fact that just because it is hard that it cannot be done. She is truly an inspiration to us all.

So dear readers, tell us what you think of today’s short piece on some famous Bollywood actresses and their fight against PCOD. The article was meant to inspire all of you beautiful women to stay strong and positive. More power to us all. I really hope that you enjoyed the article and we look forward to hearing from you. So do not hesitate to drop a line or two in the comments section below.

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