Bollywood and Hollywood Stars and their Obsessions

I am loving all the festivities around me. How are you all doing?
We all in life are obsessed about something or crazy about some other thing. For some of them it might be their job, for some of them it could be love. Some of us have crazy hobbies that only ourselves can understand that fetish. Our stars are no exception. After all they are only human. So here is today’s post in which I talk about celebrity’s obsessions and hobbies.
Hope you ladies like it 🙂

Bollywood Stars and their Obsessions

Salman Khan

He is the quintessential Dabbang of Bollywood. But, did you girls know that Salman is a cleanliness freak. He loves to collect soap bars and perfumes. He likes to use different flavored soaps. All kind of herbal or aromatic soaps that have fruit extracts can be found in his bathroom! Now soap collecting is a bit of a strange hobby, I think?
What do you ladies think?

Bollywood Stars and their Obsessions
Sunny Leone

This former adult movie star loves her feet more than her husband I suppose 😛 , she washes her feet every half an hour even if she is shooting indoors. She has this crazy obsession about cleaning and washing her feet when she is on her film sets.

Bollywood Stars and their Obsessions

Shah Rukh Khan

I think most of us know our King Khan’s love for gadgets and video games. He even has an entire floor in his home dedicated to just video games. Well he can afford to have an entire home, let alone just a floor 🙂 Well Mr. Khan has one more obsession that is of classic blue jeans. He is so crazy about them, that he owns more than 1500 of them!

Bollywood Stars and their Obsessions

Preity Zinta

She has a bit of an OCD. She has an obsession for clean bathrooms. She only uses a bathroom that is squeaky clean. She wants her bathroom spic and span and spotless.

Bollywood Stars and their Obsessions

David Beckham

He is one handsome man and do you know what his obsession is? Well he likes to line his shirts up in the closet according to color. That’s not it, he has 3 refrigerators in his home. “Food in one, salad in another and drinks in the third” and he also likes his drinks to be in even number. If he has 3 bottles of any drink he would just throw away one of them just to make them even!

Bollywood Stars and their Obsessions

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Priyanka Chopra

While they might not see eye to eye with each other, but one thing they have in common. No that’s not Shahid Kapoor :P. They both love collecting branded and stylish pair of shoes. Kareena has more than 100 pair of designer shoes from almost every brand and in all possible shades. While Priyanka has over 80 pairs, she never repeats her pair to any event and her favorite shoe designers are Christian Louboutin and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Bollywood Stars and their Obsessions

Vidya Balan

She is designer Sabyasachi’s muse. She mostly wears traditional clothes and prefers to wear sarees for all occasion and public events. She has an enviable collection of more than 800 saris in her closet. And she also likes collecting Jhumkas; she has nearly 575 pairs of Jhumkas in all possible shapes, colors and sizes.

Bollywood Stars and their Obsessions

Bipasha Basu and Saif Ali Khan

This beauty is a fitness freak that we all know but there is one more thing that she likes as much as fitness I suppose and that is Designer watches. She has a watch for every occasion and every dress. And our Nawaab Khan has the same fetish. He loves having designer watches in his collection. In fact he changes watches three times a day. He loves his watches like anything.

Bollywood Stars and their Obsessions

Lara Dutta

This beauty is a complete shopaholic. Lara Dutta travels a lot for her shoots and she always picks up lots of stuff from every city that she goes to. And when she is at home, she does all the shopping online, such is her craze for shopping.

Bollywood Stars and their Obsessions

Cameron Diaz

This leggy beauty never open doors with her hands as people normally do, instead she uses her elbows! She is so afraid that the door knobs would be full of germs as so many people might have touched them. She also washes her hands more than usual because of her crazy habit.

Bollywood Stars and their Obsessions
Amisha Patel

She is not seen on the silver screen anymore but one thing that she cannot get enough of is designer bags. She has bags in all possible shapes, colors and sizes ranging from designer brands Chanel to Prada. She makes it a point to shop for designer bags when she goes abroad.

Bollywood Stars and their Obsessions

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  1. I might not be in a stage to buy such exorbitantly expensive stuff but I looooove hand bags and shoes. I loooooove loveeeeeeeee them

  2. I have ol the above said obsessions …. provided u give a gooooood lift to my bank account …. for sure I will be obsessed to any dann thing 😉 😉

    bus kuch paise chahiye obsess hone kay liye …. 😉 😉

  3. hahahaha such an awesome post! 😀 I need squeaky clean bathrooms too 😛 And not to forget opening door knobs with elbows. 😛 And I can’t recall the number of times I use hand sanitizer in a day 😛 Complete OCD freak!

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