10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Broke Marriage Stereotypes



Bollywood stars have always been image conscious and strive to maintain a glamorous and “picture perfect life” offscreen, but not anymore. Bollywood stars are shrugging off their image consciousness and do not shy away from showing their real self – from posting “no makeup” morning selfies to openly admitting about their dating and breakup status – they are showing the world that they too live a pretty “normal” life. We do look up to celebs for inspiration and when they break stereotypes, they deserve a pat on their back, especially these bollywood stars who broke marriage stereotypes and set an example for others.

Bollywood Celebrities Who Broke Marriage Stereotypes

1. Priyanka Chopra Married Nick Who is 10 Years Younger: When Priyanka Chopra, tied the knot with singer Nick Jonas,  in 2018, she was 36 and Nick was 26, with a 10-year age gap between them. And the best thing is that they never hesitate about the big age difference, and the fact that their marriage is going strong, proves that age difference does not matter in love.


2. Aishwarya Rai Married Abhishek Bachchan who is 4 years younger: Though not a major difference, still there’s a 4-year gap between Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan who tied the knot in 2007 and even after 14 years of marriage, still seem to be madly in love with each other.

Aishwarya rai marriage

3. Female Priest Performing Rituals at Diya-Vaibhav Marriage: Dia Mirza, a socially responsible actress who believes in gender equality, proved that she walks the talk, when she asked a female priestess to perform her wedding rituals. We are so proud of you Dia, more power to you!

dia marriage

4. Katrina’s Sisters Held Phoolon Ki Chaadar and Walked her Down the Aisle: Typically, brothers and cousin brothers hold “Phoolon ki chaadar” for the bride, but Katrina made her sisters hold the chaadar since she believes they stood by her like pillars in life.

Katrina phoolon ki chadar

5. Rajkumar Rao Made Patralekha Apply Sindoor on his Forehead: It seems actor Rajkumar Rao too believes in gender equality since he urged his bride Patralekha to apply sindoor on his forehead as well.


6. Neena Gupta: This woman deserves kudos for raising her daughter, Masaba single-handedly, and being a proud single parent who worked with her head held high.


7. Kareena Kapoor: She married Saif Ali Khan, who was 11 years older than her, at the peak of her career and continued working in remarkable films after marriage. She also returned to work after motherhood and has proven that marriage, motherhood and work can all be balanced without having to compromise or choose between either work or family. Also read – “5 Beauty Tips To Steal From Kareena Kapoor.”

8. Sushmita Sen: This former Miss Universe adopted kids while being single and that too at a young age.


9. Suhasini Mulay: She got married at the age of 60 to physicist Atul Gurtu, breaking all societal norms.

bollywood marriage

10. Katrina Married Vicky Kaushal who is 5 Years Younger Than Her: Their relationship status was hush-hush, so was their marriage, who tied the knot on December 9, 2021, but the world knows they are madly in love and the fact that Vicky is 5 years younger than Katrina hardly matters.

katrina vicky

So, these were some bollywood stars who broke stereotypes and deserve accolades from us for doing so.

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