Bollywood Celebrities Who are Vegan and Look Awesome

Veganism, is a lifestyle that is becoming more and more popular, for several reasons- it is great for your health, for the animals and for the environment! Whilst veganism may sound similar to vegetarianism, those who follow this lifestyle do not consume any animal products at all including dairy and egg products. Not only do they change their dietary choices, but many people change their lifestyle completely by not wearing anything that comes from an animal, such as leather or wool, as well as not wearing makeup products that have been tested on animals or which contain animal bi products. It may sound like a super drastic way of life, however there are several Bollywood celebrities who have adopted this lifestyle, and have different reasons for doing so.

Kangana Raunat:

Bollywood celebrities who are vegan

Kangana Raunat became a vegan, after experiencing bad acidity effects caused by dairy. She has since said that cutting out ‘blood and flesh’ from her diet has changed her for the better in many ways. Whilst Kangana hasn’t made the switch to a full vegan lifestyle, only her dietary choices are vegan, she has explained that her career makes that difficult, but this is something that she would like to change in the future. Kangana explains, that it isn’t difficult to follow a vegan diet and she incorporates foods such as fruits, nuts and homemade tofu in her diet, as well as nut milks to make smoothies; nut milks are a healthier alternative to dairy milk.

Neha Dhupia:

Bollywood celebrities who are vegan

Neha Dhupia, was first a vegetarian, before she went vegan and has said that after making this switch, she feels healthier, fitter and also doesn’t feel heavy after eating meals. Neha has been active, in the vegan movement by working with animal charity PETA, and appearing in their adverts as well as promoting the V-card, India’s first discount card for vegans. This will be, no doubt encourage more people to try a vegan lifestyle and help the movement grow stronger.

Richa Chaddha:

Bollywood celebrities who are vegan

Another Bollywood celeb who works closely with PETA, Richa has not only looked glam in her get up as a mermaid and in a lettuce dress to promote a meat free lifestyle in PETA ads, but she also wrote an insightful article for Indian express which detailed all the reasons why she went vegan. Richa explains that she sees animals as equal to humans; she was a vegetarian before because of this, but it was after learning about the harmful impact of dairy and eggs on health that she decided to go vegan. Richa also went vegan, for the environment, explaining that rearing animals for food has a harmful impact. She has also talked about how a vegan lifestyle has benefited her, in terms of great skin and being in better shape.

Aamir Khan:

Bollywood celebrities who are vegan

Aamir Khan, went vegan after watching a presentation shown to him by his wife Kiran Rao, who has been vegan for several years. This presentation, detailed how certain diseases could be prevented by dietary changes, and this is what prompted Aamir to make the leap from a non veg diet to a fully vegan one. Aamir, has said that a vegan diet is the healthiest diet and recommends everyone to try it for themselves. Whilst the only thing Aamir misses is curd, he is said to be enjoying the vegan lifestyle and being able to eat as much as he wants.

Mallika Sherawat:

Bollywood celebrities who are vegan

Mallika Sherawat is famous for her hot on screen presence, but did you know that she was also crowned the ‘hottest vegan’ by PETA?
Mallika has said that veganism is something that is important to her and it has given her a clear conscience, which is her favourite thing about this lifestyle. Mallika shared her health tips and recipes when she was the celebrity trainer for a 21-day vegan kick start programme and has also mentioned that her diet consists of a lot of fruits, vegetables and green juices. Mallika’s healthy and slim physique shows that a vegan lifestyle is definitely paying off!

Sonam Kapoor:

Sonam Kapoor had become vegetarian a few years ago but then found out she was lactose intolerant and gave up dairy products as well, and turned completely vegan.

Shahid Kapoor:

The “Kabir Singh” actor had given up meat products long ago but then turned vegan too after knowing about its benefits.

Jacqueline Fernandez:

This Sri Lankan beauty is an animal lover and promotes organic food. She speaks up for animals and is a total vegan.

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