Bollywood Scandals! When Fans Were Shocked And Media Rocked!

Bollywood is the ultimate dreamland for all of us. For us, the actors are those stars which make our dreams and stories come alive on the silver screen. We are always so fascinated by the lives that we see on the silver screen that we tend to forget that our favorite stars are also humans. We forget that beyond the silver screen, they also have normal life issues, without the slow motion and background music, and that their fights and lives can get as ugly as ours.

Today, I am going to take you back and forth in time, and unearth some of the (in)famous scandals that our Indian Film Industry has witnessed through these years.

The Amitabh-Rekha-Jaya “Silsila” : News that Fed Fodder to Press for Years

Bollywood Scandals! When Fans were Shocked and Media Rocked!

Amitabh Bachhan and Rekha romanced together for the first time on-screen, in the movie “Do Anjaane”. The cupid’s bow had already hit them, but everything was kept under wraps until Amitabh hit a co-star for misbehaving with Rekha on the sets of “Ganga Ki Saugandh”. The news caught fire and made headlines. Reportedly, after the incident, Jaya invited Rekha over, and told her coolly that she would never leave her husband, no matter what happens.

The scandal reached fresh heights, when Rekha reached in Neetu and Rishi Kapoor’s wedding, all decked up in marital glory with sindoor and mangalsutra. The press implied a secret marriage. Rekha also gave an interview to the Filmfare magazine in 1984, boldly accepting her relationship with Amitabh. She clearly stated that they both loved each other, and the latter only kept mum because of the social norms and his family.

Bollywood Scandals! When Fans were Shocked and Media Rocked!

This gorgeous couple starred together for the last time in Yashraj’s “Silsila”, and their love saga came to an end with this. Interestingly, Silsila is said to be inspired by their real life story. Apparently, Rekha did not want to be the “other woman” in Amitabh’s life, while the latter could not and did not want to leave his family. This love affair, till date, remains the most scandalous, and a mysterious spot on Amitabh Bachhan’s otherwise clean family oriented image.

The Shocking SRK-Priyanka-Gauri Triangle

Bollywood Scandals! When Fans were Shocked and Media Rocked!

Now, this one literally broke my heart. The SRK-Gauri love story and their ultimate marriage, fighting against all the norms of society, is no less than a dream. The alleged affair of King Khan with PC, and Gauri’s ultimatum, with clear public avoidances between the two, gave media a clear chance to speculate a rift in one of the most successful Bollywood marriages.

During the filming of “Don”, PC’s frequent appearances with SRK, whether on sets or in public, did not go down too well with Gauri. Our dear Mrs. Khan, being a strong woman, took a step on her own, and banned her hubby dear from working with Priyanka ever again.

Bollywood Scandals! When Fans were Shocked and Media Rocked!

Well, well, we all know how girls react to SRK’s charm Gauri. I think you should have taken it a bit lightly. Piggy Chops must have just swooned to that dimple, and to be frank, we don’t blame her. It’s SRK, after all!! 😉

The “Boney-Sridevi-Mithun-Mona” Triangle inside a Triangle Love Story

Bollywood Scandals! When Fans were Shocked and Media Rocked!

If Amitabh-Rekha-Jaya story claims the top spot, this is one story that is a strong contender for the second place. It has all the “masala” that a Bollywood flick of 80’s should have, no pun intended ;). And, why not?

Imagine a scenario; “A married man falls for a beautiful single woman, who incidentally has fallen for another married man, who coincidently is flirting openly with her, at the same time feeding lies to his wife, and the first married man’s wife is media’s source for all the information.”

Boggled? This is just the tip of the iceberg of what actually happened. Boney had fallen in love with Sridevi long before his marriage, but, apparently Sridevi’s mother had a lot of control over her personal and professional life. Also, Sridevi was in love with Mithun Chakraborty, who was married to Yogeeta Bali at that time. But, even that did not stop him from openly flirting and responding to advances. It is said that once Mithun made Sridevi tie rakhi to Boney, to prove that there will be no other relationship between the two.

The ultimate fallout came when Mithun left Sridevi, and her mother fell ill. Personal and professional failure had taken a toll on the beautiful southern actress, and Boney came to her rescue; inspite of being married and having kids with his then wife, Mona. Sridevi too, fell in love and the media got the story running. Mona got the final straw when Sridevi got pregnant, and after that, all the fodder that media got, was from Mona’s hurt and tearful statements, for a man, whom she had once loved and respected.

Raj Babbar’s Marital Life – Nadira-Smita-Nadira

Bollywood Scandals! When Fans were Shocked and Media Rocked!

The newspapers went crazy, when the already married Raj Babbar married the beautiful Smita Patil. His explanation for it? “I fell in love with both of them and married them.” A five year long affair, the paparazzi went crazy when they came out in the open, and the new bride gushed. Apparently, this was a love triangle not so easy to understand.

After two years of a marriage that broke all norms of society, Smita died within a few weeks of giving birth to their child, Prateik. Raj went back to his first wife, and she welcomed him with open arms. We may not sometimes understand the way things work, or what possibly went through the minds of these three brilliant actors, but we will never get the answer to these questions:

How did Raj fall out of love with Nadira?
How did Smita have so much courage to face the society that labeled her “home wrecker”?
How could Nadira welcome into her life again, the man who broke her heart and humiliated her in front of the society?

Bollywood Scandals! When Fans were Shocked and Media Rocked!

All we can say is, maybe, they were far better actors than they let us know. They hid the pain like no one ever could.

The Hrithik-Kareena/Barbara/Katrina/Etc.-Suzanne

Bollywood Scandals! When Fans were Shocked and Media Rocked!

Come to think of it, no matter how much we love Hrithik, a look into his “alleged” list of affairs, we can’t blame on Suzanne having the last straw and ultimately parting ways. Well, after having a beautiful and talented wife like Suzanne, we really can’t get Hrithik’s wavering ways.

The rumors started to make their way into the couple’s life after Hrithik and Kareena’s increasingly sparkling chemistry in their films together. Though, they rocked together, but probably, it was too hot for father Roshan to handle. Soon, he pulled the strings to avoid any rift in the newly married life of Hrithik and Suzzane, banning Hrithik from working with the Kapoor gal.

Bollywood Scandals! When Fans were Shocked and Media Rocked!

If Suzanne thought Kareena was a threat to her marital life, Hrithik’s roving eye, and “closeness” to Barbara during the shooting of “Kites”, was no less than a nightmare for her. The super hot scenes and the chemistry between the lead stars did nothing to keep the rumor mill down. When Suzzane left Hrithik’s home to live with her parents, the suspicions were confirmed. Rakesh Roshan again came to rescue and told the media that Suzanne had left due to some renovations that were undergoing at that point of time.

Bollywood Scandals! When Fans were Shocked and Media Rocked!

Though, these two were the major blows to our “Greek God’s” marital life, his flings with Katrina and some other co-stars did not go down well with Suzzane, and after some time, this beautiful fairytale story ultimately came to a brutal end, in the form of a divorce.

Bollywood Scandals! When Fans were Shocked and Media Rocked!

These were some of the rumors that I could get for you guys. Stay tuned folks, this is just the tip of the iceberg, more to come in the next parts. 😉

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  1. so sad, I did not know about mithun and sridevi angles and also katrina and hrithik
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  4. Interesting post.. I dint know abt half of them. Btw what happened between amir khan-reena-kiran? And shatrugun sinha-poonam-reena roy? Interestingly, sonakshi looks so much like reena roy. Oops!

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  6. My friends’s friend was a associate director of Bang Bang and he said that what not used to happen inside katrina’s vanity van. People on set used to wait for hours for them to come out. He also mentioned that this was the reason for their separation. At that time I heard that Suzzane was into some d*** thing and that is why he left her but I changed my mind after this info. He also mentioned that Sona and Sharukh khan are the only person(in mainstream) who are family oriented and don’t do shit with co-stars.. he had lot more gossips but cant type much 😛

      1. O god!!!! I never knew that!! And after that Hrithik had the audacity to tweet that he would love Suzanne no matter where she is. That he wishes her all the happiness. Her happiness was with you douche-bag, and you ruined idgar udhar muh maar k. God man. 😮

      1. I don’t feel bad for him Pawani. He dumped Deepika for Katrina. If anything, he deserves to be ditched and dumped too. Maybe that will knock some sense into him.

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