Bollywood Style Eye Makeup For Small Eyes

Bollywood Style Eye Makeup For Small Eyes


A few days ago, I was going through some eye makeup pics on the net and was amazed to see some eye makeup tutorials where women with small eyes – with the help of proper makeup made their eyes appear bigger and larger.  It was too awesome! I don’t believe small eyes are a flaw at all, but those who want to enhance their features, there are options available.  Most women like their eyes to be bigger and larger, those with small eyes can use makeup to enhance their features.  Eye makeup is really an art and those who do it well, hats off to them.

Using a white eye pencil on the waterline, curling eyelashes, and using a good quality mascara to open up the eyes will do wonders for small eyes and give an illusion of bigger eyes.  For more tips, we need inspiration, let’s not look far.  Some of our bollywood beauties like Sonam Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri, etc., have small eyes, but they do such amazing makeup, their eyes really stand out.  Check these pics for inspiration :))  All these divas with small eyes use mascara without fail to open their eyes up, check them out.  I have not included any dramatic eye makeup looks of these actresses, just the regular everyday looks that even you can try :))

1.  Alia Bhatt:  Currently, she is riding high on the critical acclaim of her movie “Highway.” This pretty and cute actress has got small eyes, which she enhances with lots of mascara and kohl.  She is rarely clicked without mascara on her upper and lower lashes.


2.  Sonam Kapoor:  She has small but vibrant eyes.  She doesn’t do dramatic eyes often, maybe once at Cannes, but after that, she has not sported any such bold look.  It seems mascara is a must-have for her, take a look:




3.  Shradda Kapoor:  This actress has got deep-set small eyes.  She lights up her eyes with bold eyeshadows and falsies.

shradda kapoor


4.  Parineeti Chopra:  An excellent performer who does a lot of emoting through her eyes, she never does over the top eye makeup. She does understated eye makeup most of the times – voluminous mascara and shimmer shadows does the trick for her.



5.  Nargis Fakhri:  This supermodel-turned-actress looks drop dead gorgeous in photo shoots and in those Kingfisher calenders. Take inspiration from her youthful and attractive eye makeup.



6.  Lara Dutta:  This bollywood diva has got small eyes which she emphasizes by using mascara and tightlining.


7.  Anushka Sharma:  Hogging all the limelight for her botched up lip job, she has to let her eyes do all the talking now 😛 Anushka Sharma has got small and pretty eyes.  She also seems to be a mascara girl.



8.  Frieda Pinto:  Don’t know whether she can be counted as a bollywood actress, but since she is an Indian, we would like to take her in! She uses a lot of kohl, liner, and mascara to jazz up her eyes.


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16 thoughts on “Bollywood Style Eye Makeup For Small Eyes

  1. Lovellyyyy oneee *clap* *clap* i don’t have much small eyes but love applying mascara and kohl *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* loved all the pics that you have taken *hifive* *hifive* lol anushkaaaa rofl rofl yaar y did she do that *headbang* *headbang*

  2. Jomo..

    How you doing..? Its such a lovely post and soooo useful besides being inspirational! I have small eyes myself and I now agree that with proper makeup, they look awesome.. – not like froggy eyes popping out and nor like buttons! hihihihi… Loved the post, totally.

    Did you write it for me..? 😉 😉

    1. Surabhi….you are back *happy dance* *happy dance* where were you, i had messaged you on fb *hunterwali* I have small chotu eyes surabhi…… *shy* *shy* hihihi

  3. Lovely post Jomol *clap* *clap* some how I am always finding tips and tricks to make my eyes look more bigger *hihi* , totally agree mascara is the way to go 🙂

  4. aweomee post jomo. I am just staring at all the eye makeups. Dont think I would have noticed the eye makeup of these celebs so much before. 🙂

  5. I have small eyes :'( :'( my hubby has v v big eyes…
    but i cant indulge in eye makeup.. i cant do it properly n removing eye makeup is such a big task for me
    great job Jomol!!!!

  6. Thanks a lot Jomol. I neglect this wonder tool -“mascara” so much.Never to repeat this mistake again. Thankss a lot

  7. Hey awesome post.. i was actually looking at both the eye makeup as well as the Lipsticks (m mad abt thm)… can anyone help me with what lip colour’s Alia is wearing in both the pics.??

  8. mascara is a must for small eyes….i do not have very small eyes but i agree that it can do wonders….many times i ignore my mascaras…..but from now i will try to love them more 🙂 amazing compilation jomol…loved it….*puchhi*

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