Bollywood Superstars and Their Weird Bad Habits

Each one of us have certain set of habits, some are good, some bad, and some even weird. Some of our habits turn out to be so disgusting that even our closed ones want us to chuck them out. It is not just us commoners, but even our favourite Bollywood celebrities also have some weird habits. Well, being stars doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, even they are human beings. These stars may be successful in keeping their personal life away from the limelight, but in this article, we will reveal some of the bizarre habits that they possess. You might have thought that you are the weirdest creature till now, but this post will make you feel less weird than the rest. Find out who your companions are in this piece.

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan: Do you chew your nails when you get stressed out? You are not the only one who does this. Our favourite Bollywood diva, Kareena Kapoor Khan also has a weird habit of chewing nails which are the breeding ground of germs and bacteria. It might be a stress-driven habit also.

2. Shah Rukh Khan: SRK might be one of the richest actors of Bollywood, but he too possesses some really weird habits. He only takes off his shoes once a day. You can presume the smell coming out of his feet. Another weird habit which has no logic is his hatred to get clicked while having food. Don’t ever ask him to pose with you while he is having food. Our King Khan also is sucker for video games and electronic gadgets. He has an entire floor in Mannat dedicated to gaming gadgets and he even invites his friends for competitions.

bollywood weird habits

3. Salman Khan: The next Khan in this list with a weird set of habits is our very own Salman Bhaijaan. Want to know what his weird habit is? He loves collecting soaps and boasts of a unique collection of soaps all gathered from different parts of the world. His favourite ones are natural fruit and vegetable extracted soaps. He is obsessed about smelling good all the time and ends up being the best smelling man on the sets. Salman even keeps napkins and tissues out of his sight. He is only loyal to a particular mulmul cloth.

4. Priyanka Chopra: Do you have a fetish for shoes? Then, you should same pinch our desi girl, Piggy Chops. Mrs. Jonas wants to look good from top to bottom and also pays equal care to the kind of shoes she wears. She apparently owns a collection of over 80 pairs of designer shoes of all colours and brands. Brands like Louboutins is one her favourites and pointed-toe pumps is something she loves the most. She also has a unique collection of boots, studded pumps and sling bags. This amazing collection can give any girl the feeling of looting her wardrobe.

5. Sushmita Sen: Can anyone love snakes to the extent so as to keep it as a pet? You might shudder by the sudden thought of it. But our Former Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen loves snakes and even has a pet python at her home. Sushmita Sen doesn’t like bathing in her huge bathroom but rather prefers to take bath in her open terrace. She loves to feel fresh air but this habit is something which is really weird. Isn’t it?

bollywood 3

6. Rani Mukherji: If SRK is the king of chain-smokers in B-town, Rani Mukherji is alleged to be the queen of chain smokers in this industry.

7. Amitabh Bachchan: Big B is not only the living legend of acting talent in Bollywood, but he has other skills as well. He can write with his right and left hand with the same efficiency. Such an ambidextrous personality! After his near-death accident on the sets of Coolie, his right hand got handicapped for a long time. That’s when he began writing with his left. He has other weird habits as well. Whenever Abhishek and Aishwarya are aboard, he wears two wrist watches, one set to Indian time and another to the time zone of where they are travelling. In order to avoid network issues, he also keeps multiple cell phones.

8. Vidya Balan: Vidya Balan is the truest example of quintessential Indian woman. And it rightly suits her personality as well. She loves to don herself in a saree. This actress has a huge collection of about 800 sarees in her closet. She is so obsessed to seeing herself draped in it that she even dreams herself in a saree while sleeping. Some of her habits are so old-school. Vidya stays away from cell phones and doesn’t keep them close to her bed. She even forgets to check them for days that she ends up missing important events. Send her pigeons for communications, maybe??

9. Shahid Kapoor: A cup of coffee is the best way to get rid of bad mood and sleepiness. The chocolate boy of Bollywood, Shahid Kapoor loves his brew. It is so stimulating for his work routine that he even consumes about 10 glasses of coffee in a day.

10. Rekha: Rekha is another example of evergreen beauty in Bollywood who loves to adorn herself in a saree. Not every saree is a part of Rekha’s closet. She is fond of Kanjeevaram sarees and you will mostly spot her in one of them. She always sticks to a crimson or chocolate coloured lipstick when making a public appearance.

11. Aamir Khan: Do you like taking showers? If your answer is no, then you are on the same boat as Mr. Perfectionist. He once shaved off his head when a girl rejected him. He is said to be a big prankster and one of the most notorious incidents that he performed was spitting on Madhuri’s Dixit‘s hand. It happened on the sets of the movie “Dil” as a pretext of reading her palm. She was so angry with him that she had to chase him with a hockey stick!!

12. Preity Zinta: Preity Zinta is obsessed with clean bathrooms. She will never use any washroom unless it is squeaky clean. She loves to keep the bathroom spick and span after using it and checks a bathroom’s cleanliness before she books a room in a hotel.

13. Saif Ali Khan: The Nawab of Bollywood leads a Nawabi lifestyle in every way possible. His bathroom has a huge library and a telephone extension. We wonder how much time he spends every morning there.

14. Sunny Leone: This sexy diva has an unusual habit and is said to have even delayed shoots for the same reason. She had a weird habit of washing her feet after every 15 minutes. This habit delayed the shoot schedule of “Jism 2.” She can’t get rid of this habit even if this interferes with her busy schedule.

15. Deepika Padukone: She had revealed an interview that she likes observing people at airports and weaving back stories about them, how interesting, though not exactly weird, haven’t we all done that?

16. Janhavi Kapoor: This cute actress has a pink glitter sipper bottle that she carries everywhere with her and has named her “Chuski!” What’s more, there’s also an instagram handle dedicated to her water bottle! Do remember to check it out 😛


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