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Whoever said that money doesn’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop…
Savings on money spent-Too good to be true!
Here’s the shopping funda!

Shopping has never been so fun with the trek to the mall, annoying security, perpetually full parking lots, overcrowded stores, and long queues. What’s better than being able to shop while you’re at work, home or late at night? A free service that lets you save money while you spend extravagantly! If you’re an impassioned online shopper like me, you might NOT want to miss the exotic shopping tips. So be attentive for the next few minutes. - The Smart Way To Shop and Save Money!

I have something that your pockets will thank me for! Bonusbay India is the ultimate place that will fetch you some really awesome discounts on already discounted products that you buy online. Everyone loves the words ‘bonus.’ And what’s not to like about the fact that while you are shopping anyway, you get additional discounts simply by logging in to your Bonusbay account. It’s a free service that helps you get better deals and cashback too. Another reason to shop some more, right?

So want to know how you can use it? Below are 4 easy steps to get you closer to your Bonus.

Step 1: To start with, register yourself on through one of these options Facebook, Google+ or simple E-mail. (I registered with my facebook profile).

Step 2: You would very surprised to hear that has over 130+ retail stores in its radar which means gives you guaranteed bonus on your purchases across 130+ retail online shopping websites. All you have to do is browse through different online stores on and when you have found your desired store, click on the store through After that you will be redirected to your desired online store. Now purchase your desired product as you normally do without worrying about your Bonus as it would already be tracked down by

Step 3: The entire Bonus that you have earned, after a successful purchase, will be shown in your account under the ‘Tracked Cashback’ option. Meanwhile, don’t lose your patience as the process might take up some days.

Step 4: After you have done enough of Shopping via and that your ‘Tracked Cashback’ reaches a toll of Rs. 1000, you can ask BonusBay to deposit it in your Bank account. And finally you have your savings with you.

It may not seem like a lot, but over a period, the bonus will accumulate to an amount that you will appreciate. It almost gives you that feeling when you find money in your old pair of jeans! I am pretty excited to use this more and save while I deal with my rather dangerous shopping addiction.

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