Boots Botanics Instantly Hydrating Conditioner Review

Boots Botanics Instantly Hydrating Conditioner Review

Boots Botanics Instantly Hydrating Conditioner

Product Description:

This rich conditioner quenches thirsty hair and tames frizz. It is proven to moisturise and help repair damage, leaving hair silky soft with a natural shine. It is great to moisturise and strengthen normal or dry hair.

How To Use:

After shampooing, rinse thoroughly.  Gently massage conditioner evenly throughout the hair.  Rinse thoroughly.


About 4 GBP for 250 ml.

Boots Botanics Instantly Hydrating Conditioner

My Experience with Boots Botanics Instantly Hydrating Conditioner:

I purchased this conditioner along with the Boots Botanics Instantly Hydrating Shampoo and I use the two products together. This is a pure cream conditioner that has a pleasant floral fragrance (just like the shampoo). The tube makes it very easy to dispense the product. Unlike some flimsy tubes, this one is a sturdy one that doesn’t let the product leak and doesn’t dispense excess product while squeezing out. It is also easy to travel with.

Boots Botanics Instantly Hydrating Conditioner

I find that this conditioner is very easy to work into my long, fine and voluminous hair. I squeeze a generous amount of product into my palms, add a little bit of water and work it into my hair. As always, I like to detangle my hair in the shower as I do this with my fingers. I feel that that allows the conditioner to work better on the hair.

My hair is of the normal to dry type and I quite like this conditioner for it. It makes my hair more manageable. As far as the “instantly hydrating” claim goes, I think it does an okay job at that. I am not too disappointed, but this is also certainly not the best conditioner I have used. I would still recommend the L’Oreal EverCreme conditioner over this one.

After using this conditioner, I find that my hair feels reasonably soft and manageable. However, as far as this making the hair shiny and frizz-free is concerned, I don’t think it does so. But, this does not cause any excessive hair fall or damage, which is good.

Boots Botanics Instantly Hydrating Conditioner

What I also like about this conditioner is that’s fairly easy to rinse off. I find that with quite a few conditioners, I have to spend a while in the shower trying to completely rinse them off my hair. No such issues with this one.  This conditioner is a paraben-free formula, which is always a plus point.

Boots Botanics Instantly Hydrating Conditioner

Overall, this is an average (or maybe slightly above average) conditioner. Not bad, but nothing exceptionally great either.

Pros of Boots Botanics Instantly Hydrating Conditioner:

  • Easy-to-work-with cream conditioner.
  • Detangles hair and makes it more manageable.
  • Makes the hair softer.
  • Does not cause excess hair fall, breakage or damage.
  • Very good for normal to dry hair.
  • Paraben-free formula.
  • Very easy to rinse off.
  • Has a pleasant floral fragrance.
  • Tube is sturdy and travel-friendly.

Cons of Boots Botanics Instantly Hydrating Conditioner:

  • I don’t find this conditioner to be exceptionally hydrating or moisturizing.
  • It also doesn’t add any visible shine to the hair, as it claims.

My Verdict on Boots Botanics Instantly Hydrating Conditioner:

This is not the best conditioner that I have used, but it’s certainly not bad either. If you’re looking for something that’s not harsh on your hair and yet makes your hair more manageable (without causing hair fall, damage etc.), then this may not be a bad option to try out.

Would I Repurchase Boots Botanics Instantly Hydrating Conditioner?

I may, if I find it on a great deal (which is pretty common at Boots). It’s a good product to have around for everyday use.

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