Boots Coconut and Almond Conditioner Review

Boots Coconut and Almond Conditioner Review

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So, I realized that I was running out of conditioner.  I went to the store to buy. I was looking for a conditioner with appealing fragrance which would also nourish my hair and I found it.  While scouting in the store, I was literally sniffing every bottle of conditioner available there. Then, I stumbled upon this beauty.  Read on for the full review.

Boots Coconut and Almond Conditioner

Product Description:

With natural extracts of Coconut and Almond, Boots Ingredients Conditioner is specially formulated to moisture and smooth for soft, shiny and tangle free hair.


INR 200 for 300 ml.

Boots Coconut and Almond Conditioner


Boots Coconut and Almond Conditioner

My Experience with Boots Coconut and Almond Conditioner:

The packaging is very simple. It is a see-through bottle with flip open cap. The white label on the front has the full name of the product with picture of coconut and almond. The white label on the back carries all other details. My hair type is “dry” that is why I picked up this conditioner.  I use about the size of a little ping pong ball on my long hair. It does not weigh down my hair or leave it greasy. It moisturizes very well.  I tested the claim of tangle free on the extensions I found in my drawer. I used those extensions for my dance performance a few years back when my hair was short. It developed some unruly tangles. After washing the extension with conditioner, it left them easy to detangle but not completely tangle free. I keep it on my hair for full 3 minutes and then rinse off with cold water. It makes my waves pretty defined and shiny.  It’s mentioned that it will work best for normal to dry hair.  Also, I think it will give different results with different shampoos.  I am not using the shampoo from the same range with this conditioner.  I am currently on Tressemme Hair Fall Solutions Shampoo.

Boots Coconut and Almond Conditioner

The texture is like any other conditioner. The consistency and texture are pretty standard. It is white in colour with heavenly fragrance. The scent lasts all day and then fades away. At the price, I am not complaining. It lived up to its claim without any disappointment.

Boots Coconut and Almond Conditioner

Pros of Boots Coconut and Almond Conditioner:

  • The claim of leaving hair tangle free is true. It becomes really easy to detangle my hair after using this conditioner.
  • It also tames frizz which makes hair soft and easy to manage.
  • The packaging is simple and travel friendly. The product won’t leak out of the cap.
  • The scent of the product lasts for a long period of time.
  • It is very nourishing for dry hair. It certainly adds a good amount of shine.
  • It is also affordable.
  • Availability.

Cons of Boots Coconut and Almond Conditioner:

  • Contains methylparaben.

Do I Recommend/Will I Repurchase Boots Coconut and Almond Conditioner?

Yes, for sure, it is a must have.

IMBB Rating:


Final Verdict:

You need to try this at least once. I’m happy with the result.

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