Boots Essentials Cucumber Micellar Water Review

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I have used quite a few makeup and skincare products from Boots and have had a good run with the brand so far. The products are super affordable (read cheap) and yet the quality is on par with some expensive contemporary brands. I particularly like Boots Essentials Cucumber range, as the products in this range are refreshing and soothing, and can be easily used by any skin type. Today’s review will be about Boots Essentials Cucumber Micellar Water. Read on further for more details:

Boots Essentials Cucumber Micellar Water Review

Product Description:
Contains extract of cucumber, developed to help gently cleanse and soften skin.
Enriched with cucumber, this micellar water gently cleanses, softens and purifies in one simple step, removing impurities and leaving skin clean. Dermatologically tested. For all skin types.

Boots Essentials Cucumber Micellar Water ingredients

My Experience with Boots Essentials Cucumber Micellar Water:

Packaging: Boots packaging is always simple, fuss-free and easy to use. It comes in a 100 ml transparent plastic bottle, with a green flip open cap. There is a product label on the back of the bottle, mentioning basic information. I am happy that the bottle is sleek and small in size. This is especially relevant if you travel a lot, as most international flights don’t allow liquids over 100 ml on board. The bottle is leak-proof and sturdy to survive a few falls. It has a decently-sized hole to let out the product.

Boots Essentials Cucumber Micellar Water packaging

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The micellar water has a slightly medicinal smell and feels cool on the skin. This maybe due to presence of alcohol on skin (or cucumber extracts). It is slightly heavier than water but doesn’t feel oily or leave any residue.

Boots Essentials Cucumber Micellar Water cap open

It is an efficient cleansing water. It can easily take off all types of makeup, from light to heavy base makeup. On days when I apply light makeup, I take it on a cotton ball and swipe my face and I am done! I splash water on my face if I fancy, but I don’t feel uncomfortable if I don’t. For full-on makeup, multiple cotton balls are definitely needed, especially if I have matte lipstick or heavy eye makeup. I do not use this micellar water to remove liquid lipsticks as I rely on coconut oil for such products. It doesn’t irritate my skin or eyes either.

Boots Essentials Cucumber Micellar Water bottle

Boots Essentials Cucumber Micellar Water on cotton

It is also nice as a toning solution, so you can use this as the second step of cleansing and find some dirt coming off. My skin feels fresh and supple. There is no dryness or oiliness after using this. This is a pretty basic yet efficient micellar water, and if you have access to it, you should buy it. For £1.50, this is a bargain buy.

Boots Essentials Cucumber Micellar Water

Pros of Boots Essentials Cucumber Micellar Water:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Cooling on skin.
  • Does irritate skin and eyes.
  • Takes off makeup efficiently.
  • Gentle on skin.
  • Non-drying texture.
  • No oily residue.
  • Toning properties.

Cons of Boots Essentials Cucumber Micellar Water:

  • Availability outside UK.
  • Not great for removing liquid matte lipsticks.
  • Contains chemicals.

Would I Recommend Boots Essentials Cucumber Micellar Water?
There is no reason not to!
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