Boots Essentials Rose Lip Balm Review

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With the onset of summers, dehydrated lips is a common problem with many people. I am a kind of person who keeps one lip balm at every reachable place. One on my bed stand, one in my bathroom, one in the living area, multiple pieces for different needs in my handbag, minis in my clutch and last but not the least, many variants on my dressing table. After the body mist obsession, the lip balm saga comes second in the list! 😀 I just can’t do without a lip balm. I have to and have to pick up every possible brand in each and every variant. This Boots stuff was specially brought in from London by my dear friend. Many thanks for this. 😀 Today, I would be reviewing a lip tint cum moisturiser from Boots.

Boots Essentials Rose Lip Balm Review4

Product Description:
Boots Rosy Lip Balm tints and moisturise, helping soothe dry and chapped lips whilst adding gentle colour.

How to Use:
Smooth onto lips as often as required.


Boots Essentials Rose Lip Balm Review3


My Experience with Boots Essentials Rose Lip Balm:

Boots Essentials Rose Lip Balm Review

To start with, I have pigmented lips which have dry properties and chap super easily with even a slight change in weather conditions. I need to apply a lip balm essentially after every 2 hours to prevent them from drying, no matter what lip product I have used earlier. Be it a matte lipstick, a super glossy lipstick, a lip tint, a crème gloss, a sheer gloss – I have to apply a lip balm frequently to save my lips.

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This particular lip balm comes from Boots, the same company which offers the very efficient product the ‘Lip Salve’. I have lost the count of bullets I have used of the original lip salve in Strawberry since my 10th standard. That was my staple lip balm for years together. When I received this one in rose variant, I had very similar expectations. But to my surprise, it did not perform that well.

Boots Essentials Rose Lip Balm Review2

This lip balm definitely comes with an added advantage of having a hint of rosy pink colour, but boy that can only be counted as an advantage if the colour shows up on the lips! No, it does not. You would notice the same in the lip balm swatch. I had to take oodles of product on the q tip to make a tint appear a bit on the wrist. But, in vain! Then, ultimately I had to use my finger to take a visible amount so that I can atleast give you an idea of how it looks. Forget about this showing on my lips. I tried hard to capture a lip swatch, but in vain and I ultimately gave up.

Boots Essentials Rose Lip Balm Review4

Coming to the moisturizing ability, it does fare well in that area. It keeps your lips hydrated for quite some time, but again this comes with its own cons. It is waxy, I mean super-duper waxy. I does not glue to your lips like baby lips lip balm or lip salve, it just sits on your lips especially in summers. In winters, it is quite ok.

Boots Essentials Rose Lip Balm Review5

Now quickly summing up the good and the bad for you:

Pros of Boots Essentials Rose Lip Balm:

• You get huge quantity in the tub which will last for a long time with regular use.
• Contains the goodness of almond oil.
• Softens the lips and prevents chapping.
• So damn cheaply priced.

Cons of Boots Essentials Rose Lip Balm:

• Has a weird taste to it.
• No colour shows up, even though they claim it to be a tinted lip balm.
• Whole lot of chemicals.
• Waxy properties.

I would not buy it again as the quantity already available with me is more than enough to last for a long time. On top of that, the qualities did not impress me much. Nothing impressive, but a regular lip balm!

IMBB Rating:

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3 thoughts on “Boots Essentials Rose Lip Balm Review

  1. It’s weird but when I purchase a lip product, I would buy something which has a good taste or no taste at all to it. 😛 Clearly, I might not try this lip balm but it looks so cute! 😀

  2. I have used just one lip balm with such packaging and I don’t think I am ever gonna buy more such packagings. It definitely looks cute but applying a lip balm like that is not really an appealing idea. :/

  3. i love this whole concept of lip balm in tubs but i never find them comfortable enough to use them!! Sad it turned out to be such a dud!! 🙁 thanks for the heads up! 🙂

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