Boots Extracts Mango Body Wash Review

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I am a hardcore hoarder of body washes as you all know and this time I actually picked something different. I haven’t really used a mango cream body wash, so when I spotted this, I added it to my shopping bag. I have had a pretty good experience with Boots, so yes, I had expectations in mind. Let’s see how this tropical body wash worked for me.

Boots Extracts Mango Body Wash

Price: $6.99 (I got it for Rs 350)

Product description by Boots:
Our Extracts range has been developed to make a difference. This fragrant and softening body wash containing mango extract derived from the mangifera indica fruit.
Honey is used in the Boots Extracts range because it helps bind moisture in the skin. Our Fairtrade honey is produced by communities in South America, and by using this source we help to support their future prosperity.


How to Use:
Massage a generous amount of Mango Body Wash onto damp skin and work into a lather, rinse well after use and then gently towel dry. For optimum results, follow with the Boots Extracts Mango Body Butter.

My Experience with Boots Extracts Mango Body Wash:

I actually wanted to grab a tub of body butter too but sadly that wasn’t available. But that doesn’t mean that I could leave the shower gel right? 😛

Packaging: The body wash comes in a thick tube which in an inverted one. The body wash is mango variant and that is why the packaging looks very close to a tropical one. It has a big label of mangoes and plants over it accompanied with a bright sunny yellow flip cap. The tube is very easy to carry as it does not leak at all. But I don’t like the inverted packaging because the body wash gets stored at the very bottom which squeezes out a lot more quantity than needed.


Texture, Consistency and Scent: The body wash comes in a bright sunny yellow colour and the colour also resembles the mangoes in a good way. It is very thick and hence I would love to call it a shower cream rather than a body wash. A very little quantity works fine for one use. If used without a loofah; it does not lather up that well and the texture remains thick and slippery. It works the best when poured on the loofah and diluted with water.

product details

I was expecting a fresh scent but it did not turn out as expected because it is tropical but not that energising or refreshing. It has a very artificial mango scent with hints of the orange peel scent. It does not smell like a fresh juicy bunch of mangoes, rather it smells like the mango is about to lose its juiciness and freshness. It makes me feel like I had asked the fruit seller for fresh mangoes and he gave me the very old, stale ones 😛 So I am little disappointed with the scent. The scent lingers till the time I exfoliate my body and then it vanishes off.


Results: It creates a very big amount of lather which I loved! It cleans my skin very effectively and leaves it fresh and smooth. Yes, it does feel soft after using this but that’s temporary. It removes all the impurities and excess oil from my skin leaving it healthy and bouncy. It adds a boost of hydration to my skin which is definitely needed during winters. I could feel the hydration to a certain extent but not completely. And then I had to apply a layer of lotion. But this would work fine for the summers.

Overall I liked the body wash but it’s nothing special. It is a very average one which does a fair job of cleansing my skin, but after using so many different shower gels, I don’t adore this one a lot. I hope I find something better which would actually be full of mangoes.


Pros of Boots Extracts Mango Body Wash:

• A good handy tube which can be easily carried around during travels.
• The packaging is colourful and tropical with mango and leaves over the tube with sunny yellow flip cap.
• The shower gel has a body butter to be followed up with, so an entire set can be picked for synergistic effects.
• The consistency is thick like a shower cream.
• A very little quantity is needed at once and it lathers up beautifully.
• It smells pretty fruity and pleasant like a blend of mangoes and oranges.
• It hydrates my skin up to a good extent.
• It cleans my skin very effectively.
• During summers, I wouldn’t have to follow it up with a lotion.

Cons of Boots Extracts Mango Body Wash:

• Inverted tube which squeezes excess product than needed.
• It does not actually smell like a fresh juicy bunch of mangoes, it smells a bit like old mangoes.
• It does not completely hydrate my skin during winters (But it will during summer).
• Expensive because at that price I have used ample of better body washes.

IMBB Rating: 3/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Boots Extracts Mango Body Wash?
No not really! The first reason would be that I am not loyal towards shower gel and secondly, this is nothing that great which would make me grab one more tube. I wouldn’t recommend this because it isn’t something like a juicy mango pulp, it just has hints of mangoes.

I would actually save this tube for summers because I think at that point, I would enjoy it even more.

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    1. Yes Anurimaaaa… its a very rare flavour.. so whenever I spot such mango shower gels.. i always get them home 😛 thanks a lot 🙂

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