Boots Fruit Essence Magnificent Shine Conditioner Review

Hair-type: Dry and damaged/thin/coloured

Hello sweeties,

The stuff from Boots comes at a very affordable cost and I wish their stuff was available here in India. I got some toners and body washes from them earlier and really liked it, so I got one more conditioner from them. My conditioners get over very soon, so getting some big bottles is always the best deal. See how this worked for my hair which desperately needs shine.

Boots Fruit Essences Magnificent Shine Conditioner

Price: 1.49 GBP/Rs 130 for 400 ml (I got it for 250 in India)
Product Description by Boots:
Your life is never dull, so why should your hair be? For hair that shines as brightly as you do, magnify your mane’s own natural beauty with Fruit Essence’s Magnificent Shine Conditioner.
Just as a good cuppa and a glass of freshly squeezed juice wakes you up in the morning, this nourishing conditioner with Tea and Orange extracts reawakens tired hair with a juicy fruit boost, leaving it bursting with life and shine. For best results use after Boots Fruit Essence magnificent shine shampoo.

My Experience with Boots Fruit Essence Magnificent Shine Conditioner:

Packaging: The conditioner comes in an inverted curvy bottle with mint coloured liquid filled inside. It has a lime green cap and the bottle itself looks very refreshing. But I totally wish that the printing on it was in some bright colour because I cannot read what is written at the back of the bottle. The bottle sits nicely on my shelf and can be handy too as it is not very heavy. The best part is the price. It is so damn cheap for 400 ml. If you are more into family packs; then this is a steal deal.

Boots Fruit Essences Magnificent Shine Conditioner name

Consistency, smell and feel on the hair: The conditioner comes in mint colour and is pretty runny in consistency. It is neither very thick nor very runny. But I have to be careful while squeezing it out to avoid it from dripping. It has a very refreshing fruity smell which is not over-powering at all. It smells like a blend of tropical fruits which lingers for a while in my hair after rinsing. It goes very smooth on my hair and does not weigh down my hair. But I need a lot of quantity at once to cover my hair entirely.

Boots Fruit Essences Magnificent Shine Conditioner details

Results: The conditioner is very easy to rinse but takes a while to come off. I have to massage my hair to completely remove the conditioner. It makes my hair smooth and supple just like the regular conditioners. It controls the frizz to a good extent but it doesn’t work for dry hair but that is okay because it does not claim to do so. It feels like a nice conditioner to be used every-day to keep the hair manageable and healthy. It does add a lot of shine to the dull and brittle hair just like it claims; a decent conditioner to be used every-day.

Boots Fruit Essences Magnificent Shine Conditioner packaging

Pros of Boots Fruit Essence Magnificent Shine Conditioner:

• Fresh looking bottle with mint coloured liquid.
• Inverted style packaging.
• Very affordable and amazing quantity.
• Smells very pleasant and refreshing of mixed fruits.
• Goes smooth on the hair.
• Detangles hair to a good extent.
• Adds a lot of smoothness, suppleness and silkiness to the hair.
• Controls frizz partially.
• Adds immense shine to dull and brittle hair.

Boots Fruit Essences Magnificent Shine Conditioner swatch

Cons of Boots Fruit Essence Magnificent Shine Conditioner:

• Very runny consistency; so we have to be careful while squeezing it out.
• Average conditioner.
• Good quantity gets used at once.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Boots Fruit Essence Magnificent Shine Conditioner?
I highly recommend this one since it works very nicely as a regular conditioner and moreover it comes at a very affordable price, if you are looking for family packs. I will try other conditioner options from them.
Conclusion: I never knew their stuff was so affordable; I want to try more now!

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