Boots Ingredients Beer & Egg Shampoo Review

Boots Ingredients Beer & Egg Shampoo

Hello my beautiful friends, I am writing after a long break! Now got done with my exams, so now only IMBB 😀

Recently I purchased Boots Ingredients Beer & Egg Shampoo from Bangkok, the shampoo bottle mentioned it serves for ‘‘weightless hair’’, i.e hair that has less or no volume and dry hair. I have an oily scalp and dry hair ends, thus it gets very difficult for me to find a shampoo that cleans the scalp effectively and even moisturise my dry hair ends, I have even considered using two different shampoos one for my scalp area and one for the hair!

But when I saw the name of the shampoo as Beer and Egg, I just could not resist buying it. I wanted to give this a try and we know that beer and egg have a good conditioning effect on hair.


Product claims: With natural extracts of Beer & Egg, specially formulated to give fullness and body to your hair, whilst leaving it volumised and more manageable.

Price: 95 Bath for 300ml (it is available online)



Shelf life: Expiry date not mentioned on the bottle.

My experience with Boots Ingredients Beer & Egg Shampoo:

The shampoo is shiny yellow in colour, with a clear medium consistency with a mild lemony fragrance to it. It removes oil easily in one wash. The bottle is a simple tight flip-open type.

When I first started to use this shampoo I was excited as it was different from the shampoos I regularly use. I always purchased shampoos which are easily available at the local drugstore, Eg- L’oreal, Pantene, Tressemme. With daily usage I have noticed that the shampoo does not moisturise hair, my ‘‘weightless hair’’ is still the same. The results are not very satisfying especially when the product claims to have the goodness of Beer & Egg. It did not deliver what I expected it to, but it is a mild shampoo which is good for daily use.

To test the product I used the shampoo continuously for 3 alternate days without a conditioner and I discovered that my dry ends are still very dry . It gives no conditioning to the hair nor did it provide any volume to it. But the shampoo did add shine to my hair.

Without a conditioner, your hair will get worse as this doesn’t moisturise. Thus, conditioner is a must with this shampoo.


It is good as a regular hair shampoo but one cannot have high expectations from this product, with conditioner the shampoo is good as any other regular shampoo, though it does provide shine.

What I like about Boots Ingredients Beer & Egg Shampoo:

1) Cleans the scalp effectively.
2) Love the soft mild lemony fragrance
3) Lathers well
4) Removes oil effectively
5) Provides shine
6) Did not cause any hairfall or damage the hair

What I did not like about Boots Ingredients Beer & Egg Shampoo:

1) Does not live up to its claims
2) It doesn’t provide volume
3) Doesn’t provide conditioning
4) It has not helped my hair to become more manageable in anyway.
5) Contains parabens ( methylparaben and propylparaben)

Will I buy this product again: I may purchase it as it is just as good as any regular shampoo. I won’t purchase it again especially for its name and claims. It is not very expensive. But will definitely overlook it if I see it in the market, and look for better options.

Rating: 2.5/5

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7 thoughts on “Boots Ingredients Beer & Egg Shampoo Review

  1. Heyyy try the egg and beer intensive hair treatment from boots… its really awesome…makes hair soft, shiny and manageable… also reduces that damaged look of the hair… *woot* *woot* try whether it suits you or not.. *pigtail*

    1. Hey Saloni..where do you get the boots hair treatments from… *waaa* *waaa* I so wanna try their coconut tell me.. *woot* *woot*

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