Boots Mango and Orange Blossom Body Lotion Review

Boots Mango and Orange Blossom Body Lotion Review

Hollllaaaa Everyone!

It was my maasi’s birthday recently, so I had gone to buy some girly gifts for her 😀 I was shopping from the Beauty Shop, and came across this body lotion from Boots. Well honestly, I did not need a body lotion at all, I already have two in stock and they are more than good :D. But then my mom was looking out for a good lotion for her that won’t be too heavy in summers, so I picked this one. Nevertheless, my more than good body lotions are lying on the shelf waiting for their turn to be used 😛 So, here is my review on Boots Mango and Orange Blossom Body Lotion.


Product Description:

Revitalising and Refreshing.  With extracts of mango and orange blossom, Boots Ingredients Mango and Orange Blossom Body Lotion is specially formulated to moisturise and hydrate normal skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.




Rs. 300 for 400 ml.

My Experience with Boots Mango and Orange Blossom Body Lotion:

I really love mild fruity and citrusy smells in my Bath and Body products, they just really lift me up! 😀 Though this is not that citrusy, but the minute I read Orange Blossom, I smiled big! (by that time I had forgotten that this is for my mom 😛 I was taken over by all the beautiful stuff there!) Mango was definitely an awesome addition there. It was like welcoming the mango season!

Boots Body Lotion  2

The lotion comes in a nice pump packaging, hence it is very hygienic to use. This lotion is just perfect for summers; it is not too heavy on your skin, Glides smoothly and moisturizes well without making it too oily. The moisturization remains for 6-7 hours for good! But if you are an office person who will have to be in the AC all day, then it will remain for about first half of your day! After that, you will start feeling not moisturized, not really dry though. I do not have dry skin in summers, in fact, I can moisturize every alternate day if I wish to in summers, so I get along well with this product.

Boots Body Lotion  3

One thing I like about this is that the smell is not overpowering, especially the mango smell, a really good balance of mango and orange blossom.  My nose and senses does *happydance* But this smell does not last that long on the skin, so it’s just temporary for about an hour.

It is a yellowish white lotion that looks like a mango shake with fewer mangoes in it. The texture is semi-thick and whipped that covers the skin smoothly.  All in all, a lotion that is good and worth the price! 😀

Boots Body Lotion  4

Jumping to the pros and cons of this body lotion:

Pros of Boots Mango and Orange Blossom Body Lotion:

  • Amazing smell!
  • Lotion is perfect for summers when you don’t want excess moisturisation.
  • Bottle will last you long.
  • Reasonable for the quantity.
  • Moisturizes skin well.

Cons of Boots Mango and Orange Blossom Body Lotion:

  • Smell does not remain on your skin for long.
  • Not suitable for winters.
  • Moisturisation does not last in an air-conditioned environment.

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend Boots Mango and Orange Blossom Body Lotion?

Yes, if you are a mild fragrance fan, which is not too overpowering, then the lotion is calling you, but this is suitable only for summers. Unless you have oily hands, then you want to use it in winters as well.

Would I Repurchase Boots Mango and Orange Blossom Body Lotion?

Well, I already had 2 lotions lying at home, still I purchased this, so by now, you know that I cannot be loyal to body products! 😛 But not my fault, all these companies are splurging the market with beautiful products that are waiting to be tried. So, I believe in equality *hihi*

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  1. This looks soooo delicious and yummieee Vidhi *woot* *woot* orange blossom and mango… i want to try this *hifive* i will buy it the next time i go shopping *happy dance* finally when the shops open up *cry*

        1. Kandivali *happydance* *happy dance* I had called them on Sunday for some work they said they are open! *announce*

            1. *hifive* me too going soon! but this time i’m not gonna go inside just gotta collect something from the counter and out! (I hope so!)

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