Boots Marine Shampoo Review

Boots Marine Shampoo

The one thing I give most attention to is my hair! I’ll try to experiment as many shampoos, conditioners, masks, serum, spray etc. Sincerely I get very tired of using the same hair products so I keep switching every 2 months! Hasn’t done any bad to my hair yet 😛

Todays review is on the Boots Marine Shampoo! YES BOOTS Boots Marine Shampoo
Price: 200 for 600ML ( I got it from beauty shop, I saw it online for Rs.465, Rs.710)


Infused with sea kelp extract, this shampoo will clean your hair and make them healthy and beautiful. The shampoo has been composed of ingredients which will revitalise your hair and make them beautifully healthy.


My experience with the Boots Marine Shampoo:

I have tried the Sea weed variant which turned out amazing, except for the fragrance it’s a little weird. I picked this up from the beauty shop(my second home) along with Schwarzkopf hair spray which I wil review soon 

Packaging: Sturdy plastic bottle, transparent. Leak proof. Packaging is very minimalistic doesn’t look fancy at all.
Boots Marine Shampoo5
I have used this shampoo for 5-6 times and will last me another 30 times! The quantity is too good for the price! The shampoo is of normal consistency. It is a gel based shampoo, I always prefer gel based shampoos because my scalp feels more clean. Also I have observed gel shampoos will not tend to cause hairfall compared to its crème counterpart.

The color of the shampoo is HEAVENLY! It’s this amazing sky blue perfect sea color. 😀
The fragrance if like any nivea products, strikingly like the total face clean up! The fragrance isn’t very strong it stays for a few hours.The shampoo cleans scalp properly and makes hair softer. Doesn’t cause any hair fall nor does it irritate skin. It doesn’t dry out the hair ends. Hair looks shiny and lighter after use.
Boots Marine Shampoo (6)

Pros of Boots Marine Shampoo:

• Cleans scalp properly
• Fragrance is light and nice, not over powering.
• Doesn’t irritate skin or cause hair fall.
• Cheap.
• Ideal for everyday use.
Boots Marine Shampoo (2)

Cons of Boots Marine Shampoo:

• Availability may be an issue.

Will I repurchase/ recommend Boots Marine Shampoo?
Boots Marine Shampoo (1)
YES! All you’ll should give these shampoos a shot, especially if you are using drug store brands, this one is much better than the regular dove, pantene..

Also I will try the Sunflower one next time! 😀
Boots Marine Shampoo (1)3
IMBB Rating:

4.5/5 ( -0.5 because I’m sure there is something better than this one which I haven’t discovered yet )

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10 thoughts on “Boots Marine Shampoo Review

    1. *thankyou*
      i would’nt really suggest it for dry hair, gel based shampoos may dry it even more. But if you top it with a good conditioner or hair mask it shouldn’t be a problem 🙂

  1. I wud rather love to try it for its marine packaging.. *happy dance* Its nt for my frizzy hair though.. *nababana* great review utkarsha!!

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