Boots Moisture Shine Lipstick – Fig Leaf

Boots Moisture Shine Lipstick – Fig Leaf

Boots Moisture Shine Lipstick Fig Leaf

Remember my haul from England? Yeah, not all of it has been tried out yet and much has been tried, broken and many reviewed on IMBB. Now, I got four lipsticks from Boots because it got too hard to handle to go to Boots every alternate day and not get any makeup, especially Boots, Rimmel and others, which are local brands. I believe I got this one at nothing more than 2 pounds each, making it just 160 INR each and hence I got 4 of them to try out.

Fig Leaf

The colours were all so-not-Indian obviously, made for lighter, pale, and translucent skin, not much pigmented or deep in coloration, but kind of “just there” lip colours. But there were nice, nude pinks and magentas and mainly nice light pinks of which I did pick up two (yet to review), but as of now, I am reviewing an absolutely nude shade in Fig Leaf.

Fig Leaf

Now, such shades are a rarity in my collection. I don’t have any pale nudes which literally match my lips to my skin tone and do more than just wash me out. There is another peachy nude, L’Oreal Star Secrets Jane Fonda that I have reviewed which does the same to me; adds nothing and take away a lot from the face.

Fig Leaf

I understand we need to keep lips understated when we go heavy on eye makeup, but I can’t really go so pale as to give no color to the face, I do need some color to the lips, otherwise I look really dead. I think I would go for this lipstick when I have used some heavy, deep blue eye makeup and never on another occasions will I wear this alone.

This lipstick is hard to feel, goes matte, little creamy, no color, no pigmentation and no layer of color on the lips. Even though I swipe it on and on, there is almost nothing on my lips. For the picture too, I swiped it on for around five times minimum.

Fig Leaf

The shape of the bullet is quite unique I would say, but I like flat-topped bullets and I find them easiest to apply color with. Using this kind of tip can be a pain when as such there is hardly any pigmentation in the lipstick and no moisture or shine like the name suggests.  Since it feels hard and light, it stays for three hours or so.

Fig Leaf

Last Word on Boots Moisture Shine Lipstick – Fig Leaf:

Fig Leaf

I am not fond of this lipstick. No color, no pigmentation, no creaminess or shine or moisture like they suggest. Feels very hard to swipe and does nothing for my skin tone. I use it to lighten other lipsticks and nothing else, not suited to Indian olive skin, but can make for a gorgeous nude lipstick for lighter pale skin.

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38 thoughts on “Boots Moisture Shine Lipstick – Fig Leaf

  1. hey tats a bummer. sorry it didnt work for you. looks really nice on the lips actually. i thot ‘just there’ lipsticks might actually be a nice-to-have thing and at the price it certainly looked like a steal. 🙁

    1. han price is good definitely
      i have some good pink too from this
      will share and those brightn up the face too :))

      just there lipsticks ke liye i need to work on face otherwise i look ill :((

    1. hi su hahah thnks for seeing
      its VOV Rs 95 matte ones got from Fashion and you 90 or 95 rupees
      nothing great tho but see colorbar for a minty one 🙂

  2. i love these kind of colours Neha 🙂 and always look out fr nudes n pinks which are rare in our Indian brands … thats a nice shade looks great on ur lips 😉

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