Boots Natural Collection SunTint Bronzing Powder Review

Boots Natural Collection SunTint Bronzing Powder – Sunshine and Golden Glow

Boots Natural Collection SunTint Bronzing Powder Sunshine and Golden Glow

Gives a soft sun-kissed glow to the face, fragrance free.


£1.99 (INR 160).

Available at Boots, United Kingdom.


Ingredients 2

Shades Available:

Sunshine and Golden Glow (both reviewed here :D).


I realized the importance of bronzers only after my trip to England and till then I had thought of bronzers only as a product that is used to add color to the face or structure and I thought I needed neither.  I did have two ELF bronzers earlier, but never used them as they were more of highlighters than bronzers, adding a lot of glowy sheen that my oily skin did not want, but of what I saw in England, bronzers added so much of a pretty glowy color to the face that I started my experiments with bronzers and what better place than the local Boots!

Natural collection is a Boots product with a lot of great-looking natural makeup and I picked up both the bronzers that they had. Both are extreme opposite colors and great for the price.


Sunshine Bronzer

This is instant love for me as this bronzer is more like a soft highlight for the face and not a source to add color. The sheen in this is very very muted and no over the top shimmer spreads on the cheekbones when it is blended.  Its a soft pink color and more like a soft blush.  I use it to add some highlight to the cheekbone’s high part and not to contour my face. This is more of a day-time glowy blush for me and I think Indian skin would be really happy to have some of this.  Since this is lighter and more natural looking, you may have to layer some up.

Golden Glow:

Golden Glow Bronzer

As the name says, this one is an absolute bronzer that gives you some golden color and glowy sheen to the face.  This one is really different than the Sunshine one and is very brown and so you can easily contour your face, in the shape of a 3, on the sides of the face and make my round face look slimmer. It does a very good job to contour under the cheekbone, in the hollow of the cheek, and then I can add Sunshine to the high part of the cheekbone and I can have pretty glowy cheeks.

Bronzing Powders

Golden Glow is a little more powdery than Sunshine, it has more of shimmer to it, a golden shimmer and had to be used with caution, especially if you don’t want to add any color to your face, can be used for a blush too for a bronze goddess look 😀

Swatches of Bronzers

Why You Should Get Boots Natural Collection SunTint Bronzing Powder – Sunshine and Golden Glow:

  • These bronzers are very soft in texture and very natural looking.
  • The price is great and justified.
  • The colors are versatile; especially I recommend Sunshine as a soft highlighter for Indian skin.
  • The Golden Glow can give structure to the face and ideal for contour and touching areas of the face where sun would kiss directly.
  • I like to use both to highlight and to contour.
  • The shimmer in Sunshine doesn’t stand out as much as the shimmer in Golden Glow.


Last Word:

For me, these bronzers are a great help to add color to my flat-looking foundation. I can imagine myself wearing just a foundation and a pressed powder and looking real flat. I NEED a highlight and contour no matter how light it may be. These do a good job. It can be a little light and powdery, but I don’t bother much about it as the whole package for the price is good.

Do I Recommend Boots Natural Collection SunTint Bronzing Powder – Sunshine and Golden Glow:

Yes, I do recommend this one over some other bronzers like Miss Sporty (will review soon) and MUA bronzer (reviewed ) available at Superdrug, which are hard in texture and not pigmented. This is totally worth it!


3.9 on 5 (minus points for limited choice of colors).

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22 thoughts on “Boots Natural Collection SunTint Bronzing Powder Review

  1. hey gorgeous shades. you have explained the contouring and the highlighting very well too. the first pic of golden glow was much darker and i was wondering why wud one buy both..but am totally sold on your explanation.

    (I need to expand my vocab to more than awesome, gorgeous and lovely :toothygrin: )

    1. :worship: thnks so much aruna
      i have a round afce credit goes to my pregnancy weight still thrwoing itself around 😥 😥 😥 😥
      so for round face na aruna i CANT leave home with foundation and no contour 😥
      blush or no blush, i contour and hilight with a dark n a lite shade 🙂
      acha see STEPHEN MOLESKI video on contoure
      im a big fan

  2. i too have quite round and chubby face 🙁 i def need to learn to contour my face properly to make it look thin 🙂 will def check out the video and both these look awesome especially the darker one.. :waytogo:

  3. again an awesum revuu neha.. u wrote it sooo well :woot: … beautifully explained :whistle: .. i liked the highliter shade :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: .. already hav so many bronzers… 😐

      1. i have atleast 4 bronzers… all bahar ke.. 1 M&S vala to yahan review bhi kiya tha maine.. uske elava 3 hai :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  4. hey Neha, when I saw Boots I knew it would be you…the dark one looks awesome..I love contouring since it makes my very round face look much better.. :thanks: for the awesome review..

  5. aishwarya, bipasha, angelina jolie? ?:)
    i have even got celina jaitley 😐 😐
    say bipasha i love her the max :-*

    jab yad aeye tab batana:D

  6. Coming soon Neha.. Very soon.. :yahoo: :yahoo: …
    I am planning for a trip to Chennai on Dec or January.. Maybe then.. :methinks: …

  7. Nw i got it… Its a malayalee actress samvritha sunil… do check out her image and crop it.. u wil find similarities… O:) ..
    U look bettr than Bipasha… :stars:

  8. Woow! :woot: Both of them are so nice!! I love bronzers…but I swear…I have no idea how to use them no matter how many tutorials I read or how many videos I watch. 😐
    But I think I’ll get a practice bronzer soon…just to get the hang of contouring. :dumb:

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