Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Eyeliner In Jewel

Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Eyeliner In Jewel

Hello my lovely ladies. Hope you all are doing fantastic. For a long time I was having an eye on a turquoise, aqua blue kind off eyeliner. Gained lots of ideas on internet for a good product but got confused. Days went on, but I can’t stop myself. Then I went to mirdiff mall, for getting the right one. But nothing worked out. Then I went to get some clothing and house hold stuffs. Finally when I was starting to home I saw BOOTS PHARMACY. Was roaming here and there suddenly saw one aqua eyeliner. Opened the tester and did some swatches. Wow it was amazing. Yes it’s BOOTS NO 7 STAY PERFECT EYELINER IN JEWEL. Let’s get into the review and look for some swatches. This is how they look on my eyes. (Upper lid) 

Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Eyeliner In Jewel

Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Eyeliner In Jewel

Product claims:
Long lasting color, remove with No7 eye makeup – remover. Hypo-allergenic.

Available colors:
It comes in few ranges of colors:
GUILT is a shimmery gold
STAR is a glittery silver
SAPPHIRE is a very vivid blue
Jewel is an Aqua blue or vivid green
Finally Midas is a creamy white


Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Eyeliner In Jewel
It comes in a hard plastic bottle with black cap. Size is medium.

Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Eyeliner In Jewel

It has thin small brush. Trademark and name are printed in gold.

I can’t find the ingredients anywhere both on internet and boots website.

Availability and price:
Boots No7 stay perfect eyeliners available in all boots pharmacy on cosmetics counter. Costs AED 50. It’s in jewel.

This is the swatch:

Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Eyeliner In Jewel

My thoughts on Boots No7 stay perfect eyeliner in Jewel:
Hiyaa finally I got my wished color eyeliner. You know what I have lots and lots of black dresses. Most of them are party wear kind off dress. For evening parties dramatic eyes will be awesome right? With some blues purples and pink. So I grabbed this boots no 7 stay perfect eyeliner in jewel after a long search. I have not tried any cosmetics from boots No7. This is my 1st pick. I believe that No 7 are one of those brand that are always a safety net, there products are decent so I couldn’t go wrong. It’s really a nice vibrant turquoise. This is not the one which I use on daily bases but it works perfectly on shades of blue and purples for a night look. As the name stay perfect eyeliner, its stays for a very long time. It does not crease or take off. Pigmentation is very very wonderful. They are water proof as well. So you never ever have to worry about re-applying your eyeliner. It is more vibrant. Whenever I use it, I always get a tremendous comment from all my friends. The consistency is thicker than most of the liquid eyeliners. I have tried and it dries down fast, but once you learn to work with it, application is very easy. Sad thing is they do not easily come off. They are very difficult to remove. Even with makeup remover. Some time it will stay till morning. I need to scrub off a lot between my lashes.

What I love about Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Eyeliner In Jewel:

• It’s very very very creamy. Highly pigmented.
• It does not crease at all, no need to re-apply.
• Consistency is too good.
• The liner brush is too tiny, so it works wonders to my eyelid. It’s a good pop up color.
• It’s extremely easily to apply. I always love the chance to apply them. Because the shade is so vibrant. Ideally suits for matching bright eye shadows and for evening parties.
• Main important aspect is eyeliner stays on brilliantly. It lasts almost a day/night.
• The texture feels like of urban decay products.

What I hate about Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Eyeliner In Jewel:

• It’s very difficult to remove. Even I used with boots botanics eye makeup-remover. Even after removing with an eye makeup-remover, some lines will be clearly visible once I wake up in morning. I need to scrub a bit to get rid of it. This is bit annoying.
• Black shade is not available.

Final Verdict :
It’s really a great value for money. It comes in a pretty range of shades. I would definitely recommend this eyeliner for occasional night out. That’s it guys. Go and grab it soon. 

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