Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover Review

Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover Review


I am back again with another review for you all and this time it is on the No7 eye makeup remover in the “Beautiful Skin” range.  I wrote a post about the hot cloth cleanser from this range, which I absolutely loved, so I had high hopes from this product.  The bottle I own is a small travel size version of the product because I got it in a set, but the full-sized version of this product can be purchased from Boots. Regardless of the size, the product is still exactly the same and so if you want to know my thoughts of this product, please keep reading!

Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover


£8.50 (full size- 100 ml).


Boots eye makeup remover

Product Claims:

Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover

My Take on Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover:

As the name of this product suggests, this makeup remover has been designed to remove eye makeup; however, I have found that it removes all makeup, not just eye makeup. The product comes in a see-through bottle and has a nozzle applicator and the bottle has to be squeezed in order to disperse the product. I am not sure if this is the case with the full-sized version, but with the travel-sized version, the nozzle is quite thin, so only a little amount of product is squeezed out each time. A good thing about this is that less product is wasted, however, since the nozzle is pretty thin, the product tends to just squirt out which is annoying.

The actual consistency of this product is a mix between micellar water and an oil cleanser because it is quite runny and watery, however, it also feels pretty oily on the face. The cleanser is a bi-phase product which means that it consists of a water-based cleanser and also an oil-phase liquid which is why there are two separate layers within the eye makeup remover. That is why, before removing your makeup, you need to shake up the makeup remover in order to mix both layers together.

Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover

When I remove my eye makeup, I try not to pull or drag my eyes as this can cause premature aging of the skin around the eyes, as the skin is thin and delicate in that area. I shake the cleanser, pour some onto a cotton pad and then place it over my eyes for a few seconds, to allow the cleanser to break down the makeup and then I just gently wipe it off.

I also own the Garnier soothing 2 in 1 makeup remover, which is similar to this No7 makeup remover; however, I have found that this product is less oily and also the water layer and the oil layer are less evident, whilst with the Garnier cleanser, you can tell which layer is the oil layer and which layer is the water layer.

Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover

I have to say that I like that this cleanser isn’t as oily as the Garnier cleanser and leaves less oily residue on the face.

This cleanser is also fragrance free, so it is good for sensitive skin and quite gentle, it hasn’t aggravated my skin or anything.  As for how good this cleanser is, to be honest, I have not found it amazing, but I have not found it terrible either. I just think it is a standard cleanser and definitely not worth the price because products like the Garnier micellar water has four times more liquid than the full size No 7 makeup remover, but it is cheaper than the No 7 eye makeup remover and it is better, in my opinion.

So, if you want to buy a good makeup remover, I would suggest trying other products, as this product is not that amazing. As I have mentioned, the Garnier micellar water is great and it is cheaper and also a larger size- what’s not to like?!

Pros of Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover:

  • Fragrance free.
  • Quite gentle.
  • Not much oily residue is left behind.

Cons of Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover:

  • Expensive.
  • Very average cleanser.
  • Not a large quantity in full-sized version.

Would I Repurchase Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover?


IMBB Rating:


If I’m honest with you guys, I have actually struggled to write much about this product, because it is such an average makeup remover and there isn’t really much to say about it. It isn’t a terrible cleanser, I am just disappointed because I did expect more from it, as the hot cloth cleanser from this same range is amazing. I don’t think it is as good as the Garnier micellar water for sure and even better, I have found that cleansing oils do a much better at removing makeup!

It is a shame that I didn’t like this product a lot, since I loved the hot cloth cleanser, but at least I didn’t spend my money on the full-sized version! Thanks for reading my review and I hope to be back soon with another review!

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