Boots No7 Eye Color Brush Review

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Make-up brushes are my favorite part about make-up, I love painting my face with them, especially the eye makeup brushes! It is so important to have the right collection of brushes, so you don’t end up screwing your make-up. I own so many eye brushes, and this one hasn’t been talked about yet. It’s the Boots No7 Eye Color Brush. Let me tell you more about the brush and how it worked on me, find out if it’s worth spending money on.

Boots No7 Eye color brush Review

Price: It is priced at 7.19 pounds, which I feel is a bit too much.

Product Description:
This brush is ideal for eye shadow & color application
• Promotes deep color
• For eyelid color application
• Sturdy bristle brush

My Take on Boots No7 Eye Color Brush:

This was my first time using a No7 brush, and I quite like it; it’s decent I feel.
Boots No7 Eye Color Brush is a multi-purpose eye shadow brush that you can use to apply pigments as well as eye shadows. The brush has a grayish black wand with white bristles; also it has a compact size. It’s neither too big nor too small, and so it’s convenient to carry around in your make-up bag, unlike other brushes which are too big for the makeup bag to hold. It is quite sturdy as well, and what I like most is that it does not shed even after being washed multiple times. Shedding is always a problem with make-up brushes, and thankfully I haven’t faced any issues yet.

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Boots No7 Eye color brush Review3

The bristles are really soft as well and pick up the right amount of color, not too much nor too less. This brush can double up as a concealer brush as well as it is very gentle on the under eye area, so that scores a brownie. I wouldn’t say that I am overly in love with the brush, but if definitely works according to what it claims, which is basically to put on eye shadows both wet or dry. However, it works better for wet shadows, as the pigment shows better with this brush than any other brushes that I’ve used so far.

Boots No7 Eye color brush Review1

Pros of the Boots No7 Eye Color Brush:

• Lives up to its claims.
• Can be used as a concealer brush as well.
• Sturdy.
• Compact size, makes it travel-friendly.
• Soft bristles.
• It has a smooth texture, which doesn’t hurt the eye area.
• Works better with wet eye shadows.

Cons of the Boots No7 Eye Color Brush:
• It’s quite over-priced I feel.
• Availability in India.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

Would I Recommend the Boots No7 Eye Color Brush?
Well, In comparison to other brushes in the market, I feel that this brush is too pricey; I mean I have used MUA brushes too, and they work even better than this. I wouldn’t say it isn’t good, but considering all the other brushes in the market, I would definitely say that you can give this a miss. I don’t hate it, just that other brushes can work as good as this one. Consider using it as a concealer brush if you really want to get it!

Would I Repurchase the Boots No7 Eye Color Brush?
I love MUA and would opt for that over this one! It’s quite good though, but not what I prefer!

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