Boots Nourish Shower Gel Review

Boots Nourish Shower Gel

Product Description:

Boots Therapy Nourish Shower Gel blended with moisturising shea butter, a shower experience to pamper and smooth. Transform your shower into a totally nourishing experience and get a head start on your skincare regime. Smooth Boots Therapy Nourish Shower Gel on and lather up, to treat, body and mind to the enriching extratcs of pampering shea butter.

Skin is left feeling silky soft and stunningly smooth – the perfect start to a beautiful day.

Boots Nourish Shower Gel

Price/ Quantity:

Approx 80 Baht for 250 ml.


My take on Boots Nourish Shower Gel:

I wasn’t really expecting much from this shower gel because I have used a few other products from Boots which dint work well for me but to my surprise I have fallen in love with shower gel. It is a cream coloured body wash which has a medium consistency. It comes in a transparent plastic bottle which has a hook on one side and a flat flip top cap on the other side so it can be hanged as well as placed flat on the shelf. The packaging as such is good but not at all travel friendly. I actually got two different shower gels from Bangkok but the other one opened in my bag( had put different cosmetics in different polybags so none of my clothes were damaged, thankfully) and spilled off. The flip top cap shuts tight but it can not be carried safely in a bag/suitcase. Moving on to the fragrance, it is the most yummylicious ( if that’s a word) smelling shower gel. It smells very sweet and girly. I can smell the presence of shea butter to a large extent. The amazing delicious fragrance makes bathing a truly refreshing experience. It lathers very well with a loofah and small quantity is enough for the entire body. My skin feels soft and supple post bath but moisturiser can not be skipped. In summers you may still skip moisturiser but I don’t think so it will keep skin hydrated in the chilling winters.The only qualm is that the fragrance does not linger for long.

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Summarizing the pros and cons of Boots Nourish Shower Gel:

Pros of Boots Nourish Shower Gel:

1. Amazing chocolate (y) fragrance which feels divine and enchanting.
2. Lathers very well .
3. True to claim of being nourishing as I felt squeaky clean and my skin felt softer.
4. Can be hanged as well as placed on the shelf.
5. Only a small quantity is required.


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Cons of Boots Nourish Shower Gel:

1. It lathers very well because it contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate and I don’t like products containing SLS/SLES.
2. Fragrance does not linger for very long.
3. Packaging could be worked upon.
4. Moisturizer cant be skipped.

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Will I buy/ Do I recommend Boots Nourish Shower Gel?

Yes, for both.

IMBB Rating

4.5 out of 5 ( -0.5 for the cons listed above)

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  1. nice review *clap* 🙂 but here in India only a few selective Boots products are available on some online shopping sites *waiting*

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