Boots Seventeen Eyeshadow Brush Review

Hello everyone,

Today, I will be reviewing an eyeshadow brush from Boots.

Boots Seventeen Eyeshadow Brush Review

Product Description:
Seventeen now introduces the tools to create the perfect make up look! Use with your favourite Seventeen eyeshadow. Made with 100% synthetic hair, this brush is the perfect addition to your make up bag.

Make Up Brush Fibre Content: 100% Polyvinyl Chloride
GBP 1.99

My Experience with Boots Seventeen Eyeshadow Brush:

OMG like seriously, I cannot believe that this amazing eyeshadow brush can be as cheap as 1.99 pounds. This cost me 200 Indian Rupees when converted. This was right beside the RT brushes and the No.7 brushes in Boots. They also had another angled brush in purple and then there was a red-bodied blush and powder brush. I really regret not getting the others! This brand is really affordable and yet the products are of good quality. I think it must be a favorite with British college-going and high school girls!

Boots Seventeen Eyeshadow Brush tip

The brush has a wooden body in purple, which mentions eyes, but unfortunately, it does not mention the brand name on the body. The bristles are tightly packed, so this is not a blending brush so to say, but the stiffness helps a lot to place the eyeshadow on the crease and the corners. You can even contour the nose with this by placing the color on the sides of the nose or highlight the cupid’s bow too!

Boots Seventeen Eyeshadow Brush bristles

The bristles are very soft and there was not a single hair that shed when I washed it several times! This can lightly blend the crease color but remember this is not a fluffy blending brush.

Boots Seventeen Eyeshadow Brush bristles

Pros of Boots Seventeen Eyeshadow Brush:

  • Tightly packed and soft bristles.
  • Great for placing shadow color on the crease and corners.
  • Does not shed at all.
  • Pretty body in purple.
  • Very affordable.

Cons of Boots Seventeen Eyeshadow Brush:

  • Not here in India.
  • Remember, this is not a fluffy brush.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Boots Seventeen Eyeshadow Brush?
OMG of course yes, really regret not buying back up and the blush brush from Seventeen! We really need these affordable brushes in India!
IMBB Rating:

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