Boots Seventeen Lasting Fix Lipstick – Chocolate Éclair

Boots Seventeen Lasting Fix Lipstick – Chocolate Éclair

By Cidra K.

A lipstick is a must-have in every girl’s vanity, and why not? It just instantly brightens up your face even when you are not wearing any other makeup. I used to be someone, who would fret just with the thought of experimenting with colors- especially on my lips, simply because I did not want to end up looking stupid. Until a few years ago, I used nothing but a brown lipstick that my aunt gifted me. And then came a day, when I finally gave up on those stupid thoughts and started to experiment, just because I was over BROWN, for obvious reasons, that’s all I used and it made me look the same each time.



“For Bold Colour and lovely lips that last. The SEVENTEEN Lasting Fix lipstick collection gives creamy, rich colour that stays put!”



boots_17_lasting_fix_lipstick_chocolate_eclair__5_ boots_17_lasting_fix_lipstick_chocolate_eclair__6_

So, that’s when I finally decided to start using more pinks and mauves and let the brown lipstick rest for a bit!! This is when I came across my Seventeen Last fix lipstick in chocolate éclair. Before getting into more detail, let me tell you a bit about the brand, it is a U.K based drugstore brand that offers a variety of amazing cosmetics that are truly a steal for the price. I actually had my cousin get this for me, when she was in London for a visit and trust me; she could not resist getting one for herself too. She bought them from Boots.

My take on Boots Seventeen Lasting Fix Lipstick – Chocolate Éclair:

The lipstick is packed in a sturdy classic black packaging with pink detail that shows your girly side with a classic touch, which I personally like. It retails at 4 pounds which is approximately 400 INR, which are hands down a great buy for the quality. Coming to the color and pigmentation, you may be expecting a brown with the name “chocolate éclair” but it is not; it is a pretty pinkish nude that is amazingly pigmented. The name makes me want to eat it thought! 😀

boots_17_lasting_fix_lipstick_chocolate_eclair__1_ Boots_Seventeen_Lasting_Fix_Lipstick_-_Chocolate__clair__2_

It is a universally flattering shade and would suit every skin tone. It is neither too dark nor too light, just the right amount of color to make your pout stand out perfectly. One thing that I really like about this lipstick is that it leaves a pretty tint even if it’s been washed off or eaten away, which is good for someone like me, who cannot manage to have the lipstick on for long.

boots_lipstick Boots_Seventeen_Lasting_Fix_Lipstick_-_Chocolate__clair__3_

The staying power I must say is commendable, as I have worn it for four to five hours straight without having to go through any touch ups- which again is AWESOME! However, I cannot really comment on how long lasting it can be because I have never really worn it longer than five hours. The lipstick has a slight fragrance which is not over powering and people with a sensitive nose can rest assured that it would not irritate them. I personally cannot resist laying my hands on anything that smells good.
The lipstick moisturizes the lips pretty decently and does not settle in fine lines which usually matte lipsticks tend to do. So, overall this lipstick is a must try and I’m loving it, have been wearing it a lot lately. Also, if you do not like to go for pinks, there are other colors in the lasting fix range that you can try from!


Pros of Boots Seventeen Lasting Fix Lipstick – Chocolate Éclair:

1. Long lasting.
2. Moisturizing.
3. Decently priced.
4. Good pigmentation.
5. I like the packaging and the smell (opinions may vary in this regard).
6. Does not settle in fine lines.
7. Leaves a pretty tint.

Cons of Boots Seventeen Lasting Fix Lipstick – Chocolate Éclair:

Availability may be an issue.

Do I recommend Boots Seventeen Lasting Fix Lipstick – Chocolate Éclair?

Hands down, Yes!!!! Give it a go girls!!

Will I repurchase Boots Seventeen Lasting Fix Lipstick – Chocolate Éclair?

Surely will!! Need to stock up on other shades soon! 😀

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  1. Given the texture and ur awesome debut review, I guess I can check the other warm shades in the range 🙂 welcome to IMBB Cidra 🙂 N I too love ur name 🙂

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