Boots Simply Sensitive Gentle Micellar Water Review

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Like a lot of people, I like to use micellar water to remove my makeup after a long day; it is a simple and a pretty effective way of removing most of the makeup and dirt from the face, which is why so many people love to use it!
I have tried a fair share of micellar waters and I decided to pick up another one from the Boots “Simply Sensitive” range. The Boots simply sensitive range has been designed for sensitive skin and includes a large variety of products including face wipes, a toner, eye cream, day moisturiser, face scrub, face mask and of course the micellar water that I will be reviewing. I have sensitive skin, so this really appealed to me and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. To know more about my thoughts on this product, please keep on reading!

Boots Simply Sensitive Gentle Micellar Water

£1.99 (200 ml).

Product Description:
Boots Simply Sensitive Gentle Micellar Water product description

Boots Simply Sensitive Gentle Micellar Water ingredients

My Take on Boots Simply Sensitive Gentle Micellar Water:

I think this micellar water does a pretty good job, considering the really affordable price. It is only £1.99 and you get a good 200 ml of product, so it is great value for money. The product comes in a plastic bottle and unfortunately the packaging is quite large and bulky, so it isn’t very travel friendly. I like to drench a cotton pad in this micellar water and I find that it removes a lot of of my makeup in one go, however, I do have to go back with another cotton pad to remove the leftover traces. Just to note, I don’t only use this micellar water to remove my makeup, I use this as a first cleanse and then I use a proper cleanser as the second cleanse. I find that although this micellar water is good at removing the bulk of the makeup, it doesn’t get right into the pores and remove all the residue that builds up there. Therefore, to properly cleanse your face, I would definitely recommend going in with a cleanser and a hot face cloth after using the micellar water.

Boots Simply Sensitive Gentle Micellar Water bottle

As for how this micellar water leaves my skin feeling after use, my skin doesn’t feel stripped or dry, it feels pretty soft and supple. It really is great for sensitive skin because it contains neither fragrance nor colour, which could aggravate the skin. The description of this product mentions that this micellar water contains aloe vera, which is a great ingredient for sensitive skin; however, if you check the ingredients, you will see that aloe vera is actually right near the bottom of the list. As ingredients are ordered in amount, it is evident that there probably isn’t much aloe vera in the product and I think mentioning aloe vera is more of a gimmick!

That being said, this micellar water does also have witch hazel in it, which is great for the skin and is an ingredient that helps keep breakouts at bay. Unfortunately, there is also alcohol in it which can be drying and isn’t the best ingredient for the skin, however, this luckily doesn’t dry the skin out. I am also not fond of the smell of this product as it gives off a slightly artificial smell, which I don’t find very pleasant.

Pros of Boots Simply Sensitive Gentle Micellar Water:

  • Very affordable.
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and supple.
  • Removes most makeup and residue on the face.
  • Contains witch hazel- good for breakouts.
  • Fragrance free.

Cons of Boots Simply Sensitive Gentle Micellar Water:

  • Contains alcohol.
  • Unpleasant scent.
  • Not travel friendly.

Would I Repurchase Boots Simply Sensitive Gentle Micellar Water?
I have repurchased this several times already, so yes!
IMBB Rating:

Although I have repurchased this micellar water several times, I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite micellar water I’ve tried. I think my main reason for purchasing this is because it is super affordable and also easy to get a hold of, but I’m still looking for my Holy Grail makeup remover! I hope you enjoyed reading my review and I will be back soon with another one!

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  1. On the hunt for a new micellar water as I like to shop around for cheaper alternatives to the usual one I buy (Simple or Garnier), and so I was really happy to come across this review! It was very helpful. Thanks! 🙂

    Debi x

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