Boots Therapy Energise Shower Gel Review

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I hope you all are doing well! Here is a pick from a vast range of shower gels the world has to offer. I had nothing particular on my mind when I put this into my trolley, just that I was out of shower gel and needed one asap. Let’s see if it is a decent one!

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Claims :

Boots Therapy Energise Shower Gel transforms your shower into a totally energising experience and approach each day with a hop, skip and a jump. Bound into the shower to plunge body and mind into the stimulating extracts of exotic lemongrass and sea minerals. Skin is left feeling soft and smooth with Boots therapy, senses are awakened – ready to tackle the day ahead.

Price and Quantity:$ 5 for 250 ml

Main Ingredients:

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My Experience with Boots Therapy Energise Shower Gel:

I like its unique packaging, particularly the hook shape at the top. The cap is the generic, flip-to-open kind. The lime green gel has a decent consistency, while smelling absolutely gorgeous. It has a fresh, floral smell, with citrus-y hints. I feel, it smells a lot similar to the Fa shower gels. A small amount lathers up extremely well. However, the smell hardly lasts for long. It didn’t dry my skin, but it wasn’t too moisturizing either. I had to follow up with a moisturizer anyway. It cleans well, but I hardly exited the washroom hopping, skipping or jumping as claimed. Maybe if the smell lasted a little longer, I might’ve done one of those action, but alas! I wish I had paid attention to the ingredients, since it does contain SLS and parabens. There is nothing new that this offers really! So I think it can be skipped.

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Pros of Boots Therapy Energise Shower Gel:

  •  Fresh, floral smell.
  •  Does a decent job of cleaning.
  •  A little goes a long way.
  •  Interesting packaging.
  •  Lathers up generously.

Cons of Boots Therapy Energise Shower Gel:

  •  Contains SLS, parabens.
  •  The smell doesn’t last too long.
  •  Over-ambitious claims.

IMBB Rating: 2.5/5

Would I Buy or Recommend Boots Therapy Energise Shower Gel?

Nope! As a simple shower gel, it is fine. But if you think that this has the potential to replace that cup of coffee to let you start an energizing morning, then I’m sorry, this is a disappointment. By the way guys, do let me know if you’ve used any products that claims to energise one and if it actually did!

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