Boots Zingy Ginger and Orange Shower Gel Review

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Today, I will be reviewing a shower gel from Boots – it’s the Boots Zingy Ginger and Orange Shower Gel. I recently picked up a couple of products from Boots as they were on sale. To know more about this product, read on further.

Boots Zingy Ginger and Orange Shower Gel

Product Description:
Boots Zingy Ginger and Orange Shower Gel 250ml foam up and shower off for a refreshed feeling.
£0.75 for 250 ml.

Boots Zingy Ginger and Orange Shower Gel ingredients

My Experience with Boots Zingy Ginger and Orange Shower Gel:

The packaging is kind of similar to Original Source shower gel packaging. It comes in a sturdy, semi-transparent plastic body. It has an open and close matte black cap. The opening of the mouth is small and hence allows one to control the amount of product to dispense. The black cap seemed sturdy, but one of the shower gels from this range came open and spilled quite a bit of product. Hence, I would not recommend these for traveling.

Boots Zingy shower gel

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The semi-transparent bottle allows one to see the amount of product left. What I like is that these bottles are easy to use as they are stored upside down in the shower, and you don’t have to tilt the bottle to bring the product down. Moreover, these don’t start dispensing product as soon as you flip open the cap. It will release product only when you squeeze it gently. The front has basic information, while the back has information related to ingredients, directions for usage etc.

The shower gel itself is a pale orange colour. It has an opaque finish. It has the smell of gingerbread and orange. It is a unique scent, though I feel not everyone will like it. They remind me of the Original Source shower gels, except that these are less runny and have a more opaque colour as compared to the Original Source’s moderately runny and almost transparent shower gels. I wanted to try new shower gels because I get bored of the same scents.

Boots Zingy Ginger and Orange Shower Gel cap open

This shower gel lathers well and imparts a strong fragrance as you use it. It leaves my bathroom smelling amazing. I like using this shower gel with a loofah or exfoliating gloves. The fragrance lasts for a while, or until I apply my body butter.

Boots Zingy Ginger and Orange Shower Gel swatch

My skin feels fresh and cleansed. This does not dry out my skin or cause rough texture like other shower gels. It feels invigorating and refreshing in the morning. This product worked well for me.

Pros of Boots Zingy Ginger and Orange Shower Gel:

  • Affordable.
  • Basic shower gel; gets the job done.
  • Smells good and true to its description.
  • Lasts a long time.
  • Does not dry out skin after use.
  • Unique scent.

Cons of Boots Zingy Ginger and Orange Shower Gel:

  • Packaging is not very travel friendly.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Boots Zingy Ginger and Orange Shower Gel?
If you like fragranced and affordable shower gels, then Boots has a great variety to choose from.

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