Boroplus Anti-Pollution Daily Face Wash Review

Boroplus Anti-Pollution Daily Face Wash

Hello IMBB Beauties, first of all Big Congrats to the entire IMBB Team for completing four happy and successful years, by God’s grace we will celebrate many many more to come *happydance*Thanks Rati for bringing this blog up and helping me find so many secrets and tips here *puchi*Today I will be reviewing a new face wash launched by Emami, Boroplus Anti-Pollution Daily Face Wash. I had seen the print Ad in the newspaper, and it caught my attention for the claim of anti-pollution, but I didn’t know I will end up suing it. So let’s see how this one comes up.

Boroplus Anti-Pollution Daily Face Wash
Product Description: Pollution makes skin dry, dull and lifeless. This face wash has an innovative Nature Shield Complex developed by Ayurvedic and international skin experts that has been
clinically tested for its efficacy.

1. Restores and maintains skin’s moisture balance.
2. Deep cleanses to remove pollutants.
3. Repairs skin damage.

Ingredients: Grapes & green tea. (Full list is absent).
Boroplus Anti-Pollution Daily Face Wash 3

Price: 60 INR, this one is 50 INR (introductory offer).

50 ml.

Shelf Life: 24 months.

rati beauty ad

Skin Type: All skin types.

Boroplus Anti-Pollution Daily Face Wash 4
My take on Boroplus Anti-Pollution Daily Face Wash

When I saw the product Ad I wasn’t much attracted except the anti pollution claim, as it’s a rare promise any face wash makes. It happened when I was at a local grocery store buying weekly stock of essentials, when this again took my attention in a special display, along with another variant of Neem and Tulsi (something which I have always used being combi-oily skinned). I bought it along my weekly list 😛 and I used it day after I came back from work.

This comes in regular plastic tube packaging, with purple cap and white body. The cap is press to open type, not like the regular flip open; this saves product wastage, which is good. The face wash is white fluid, runny in consistency similar to a shampoo *hihi* and to add to it, smells like a shampoo too *haha* the smell is not bad though, but it strictly reminds me of some Lux soap or a shampoo. It lathers well and cleans the skin effectively.

Boroplus Anti-Pollution Daily Face Wash 5

After using it my skin feels stretchy for about half an hour, after which the moisture restores itself. I will give it a benefit of doubt as its winter time already. Skin feels squeaky clean. About the anti pollution claim of restoring skin’s moisture balance and deep cleansing pollutants with skin repair, I am not sure about. This is just another face wash, to give you clean skin after a wash. That’s all I feel, no such improvements I have noticed on using it for 2 weeks.

Boroplus Anti-Pollution Daily Face Wash 7

Pros of Boroplus Anti-Pollution Daily Face Wash

• Affordable
• Smells good.
• Cap packaging helps to squeeze out just the right amount.
• Pack reads as dermatologist recommended.
• Deep cleansing action is true, my skin feels thoroughly clean.

Cons of Boroplus Anti-Pollution Daily Face Wash

• Full ingredients list not mentioned.
• Not true to all its claims.
• Skin feels stretchy after use (I have combination-oily skin)

Do I Recommend Boroplus Anti-Pollution Daily Face Wash?

Yes, it is dermatologist recommended, so there is no harm in using it once and its not a bad product at all. Just claims high, barring which Boroplus is a trusted brand.

Will I Repurchase Boroplus Anti-Pollution Daily Face Wash?


IMBB Rating: 3/5

Hope you find this review helpful. See you all soon with another review, till then take care  

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