Boscia Pink Peppermint Blotting Linens Review

Boscia Pink Peppermint Blotting Linens Review

Hi IMBB beauties,

Today, I am here with yet another product review of one my absolute favorite product – Boscia Pink Peppermint Blotting Linens.


Product Description:

Instantly blot away excess oil and perspiration without disturbing your makeup. Made from finely-woven leaf fibers of exotic Abaca Tree plant and infused with the invigorating essence of peppermint for the ultimate fresh sensation to pep up your complexion.  100% natural Abaca Tree Fiber.

  • Native to the Philippines, this member of the banana-plant family produces soft, high-quality fiber that is silky and fine enough to be woven.
  • Perfect for absorbing oil.

Formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.  Dermatologist tested Blotting Linens are preservative, artificial fragrance, color, gluten, and ethanol alcohol-free. The slim, sparkling, pink package fits perfectly into your pocket, handbag, or desk drawer so you can instantly blot away excess oil whenever needed.  For all skin types.

How To Use:

Press individual sheet softly on shiny areas of the face. Repeat if necessary.



$5.00 for 100 sheets.

My Take on Boscia Pink Peppermint Blotting Linens:

I suffer from extreme oily skin during summers and a combination skin during winters.  Piling up makeup on my face later in the day makes it dry and caked.  Blotting sheets are my life savers to keep my face looking clean and fresh during my time at work as I hate to reapply pressed/blotting powders for this purpose. I finished Clean and Clear Blotting Sheets a while ago (love them!) and decided to give these a try looking at the amazing product claims. These sheets come in a cute pink packaging and there are 100 sheets.


These sheets are not similar in touch and feel to the Clean and Clear ones, but are quite big compared to them. They have a nice peppermint/ candy smell and do a wonderful job in blotting away excess oil without leaving any powdery residue on the face and at the same time leaving the skin fresh and relaxed.


They don’t take away makeup which is an added advantage. They are easy to throw in a purse and not as bulky and messy as a blotting powder. I stocked up these cuties and love to keep one of each in all my handbags and also in my office drawer and car.  The most important aspect is that it is all natural and doesn’t irritate or breakout my skin.


Pros of Boscia Pink Peppermint Blotting Linens:

  • Helps to blot away excess oil from the face.
  • Doesn’t disturb makeup.
  • Has a refreshing peppermint/candy smell to the sheets.
  • Sheets are quite big in size.
  • Cute and handy packaging.
  • Doesn’t leave a white residue after blotting the face.
  • Made out of 100% natural tree fiber.
  • Doesn’t breakout the skin.
  • Formulated without parabens.
  • Very inexpensive.

Cons of Boscia Pink Peppermint Blotting Linens:

  • Limited availability.

Overall, I love this product and would recommend it to everyone who are fighting with oily skin issues and who are in search of good blotting sheets and I’ll definitely repurchase them once I run out of them.

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4 thoughts on “Boscia Pink Peppermint Blotting Linens Review

  1. woow they look cute *happy dance* *happy dance* i wish i could get them but i got some new blotting sheets *happy dance* have to try them out *pompom* *pompom*

  2. i love the nice pinky mauvish sheets … nice Bhargavi… i am on the TBS Tea tree ones.. will try these for sure.. 🙂 as i have to have blotting sheets thanks to my oily skin.. no matter wat season 🙂

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