How to Get Bouncy Hair: Show and Ask

Archita asks:


Please tell me how to can I get that bounce at the top of the hair ,I tried it but after some time it looks sticky and that bounce is gone. Kindly suggest should I use round brush, dryer or velcros and how?

bouncy hair

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7 thoughts on “How to Get Bouncy Hair: Show and Ask

  1. throw ur hair upside down, comb through taut with a flat brush and dryer with high speed
    then style as usual but dont comb through the hair it gives awesome volume

  2. After washing your hair , condition it and apply heat protectant. You can try the sunsilk keratinology range -it`s easily available and has good reviews. Isnt insanely costly either. Then semi dry hair with a blow dryer on a cool setting. After your hair is nearly dry , take sections of your hair with a large round brush and wrap sections of your hair in it and clowdry it by creating an arch towards your face if you want a nice face framing style – if you just want a bit of playful volume on top with waves then blow dry away from your face , then the hair will fall as loose natural voluminous waves on your shoulders. There are many tutorials on youtube on how to get such voluminous hair. You have set the hair with a hairspray – you can use the elnett one from loreal or anything that works for you. It`s better if the hairspray doesnt make your hair toos tiff and let`s it move. (The loreal one allows your hair to move around ). And you are done.

    Another thing that you can do is tease the roots of the hair or spray the roots with a volumising spray and blowdry your hair upside down. works like a charm.

  3. Hello archita ,

    For this you need a Lemon( Choose the green peelwala lemon) (Cut them in slices ya thin pieces)

    Before bath, Take some pieces of fresh lemon and gently rub this pieces ya slices onto your scalp….Leave it for 30 minutes and rinse with water and apply shampoo, conditioner as usual……

    Don;t apply conditioner on your scalp…..

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