Bourjois 06 Carton Rouge Gloss Sweet Kiss Review

Skin Tone: Moderately Fair with Warm Undertones
Lips: Pigmented, Sensitive tend to dry easily

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Today, I am sharing my views on Bourjois Carton Rouge Gloss Sweet Kiss. Carton Rouge is a red coloured shiny gloss. It is non sticky, long lasting, gives a crystalline shine to my lips and has oil enriched serum formula which gives hydration to my lips. To know more, please continue to read.
bourjois carton rouge gloss sweet kiss

Price: $12.50 for 5.7ml

Product Description:
Kiss whoever you want! Bourjois sweet kiss lipgloss has a prodigious vegetable oil-enriched serum formula that does not feel sticky on the skin. It slides on smoothly and melts onto the lips divinely, as if your lips were bare.Achieve a trendsetting smile with sweet kiss gloss that delivers longlasting colour with ten hours hydration time.

Key Ingredient:
Thin green oil, famous for its nourishing properties. This oil helps to give the lips elegant shine without excess.

Comes packaged in a sturdy, red coloured good quality plastic tube and cap, the colour of the shade. Easyto pick, if you happen to have more than one in this range. A brush applicator with a long wand is attached inside the cap. Product name, size and other details are mentioned on the packaging. Travel friendly and sturdy packaging.

My Experience with Bourjois 06 Carton Rouge Gloss Sweet Kiss:

Basically, I am not a gloss person but since I have started writing reviews for IMBB, experimenting beauty products has become my passion. I was inclined to buy one more lip gloss and I picked Bourjois 06 Carton Rouge Gloss Sweet Kiss.

06 Carton Rouge is a red coloured gloss with a crystalline shine. It is not sticky, but tends to spread if not applied carefully. After settling down does not smudge or transfer. This gloss easily lasts for four to six hours without meals and drinking tea or coffee. The colour and shine fades after meals or drinks, but lips continue to feel smooth and oiled, as if I am still wearing a lip balm. The stain stays till, it is cleaned or washed.

The brush applicator glides easily and enables easy, smooth application. Lips feel soft, supple and moisturised as long as the gloss and the effect last on the lips. I first outline my lips with the gloss brush and then fill in the lips and rub them together to even out the colour. At least two swipes are required for my pigmented lips. The colour gradually settles down and gives a red tinted glossy shine to my lips.

I sometimes use this gloss on some of my red coloured matt lipstick or lip liner; one light handed swipe gives a glossy finish to my lips. This shade is nicely pigmented and gives a nice red coloured glossy shine to my pigmented lips. In the swatches I have applied two swipes on my hand, as well as on my lips. Carton Rouge can be used for a glossy shine on regular basis or for glossy effect on top of matt lipstick or lip liner on special occasions.

Pros of Bourjois 06 Carton Rouge Gloss Sweet Kiss:

• Crystalline brilliance that combines long wear, comfort and pure translucent colour.
• Oil enriched formula nourishes lips and glides on effortlessly, leaving an elegant shine without any residue.
• Comfort and moisture that lasts for hours.
• Travel friendly and sturdy packaging.

Cons of Bourjois 06 Carton Rouge Gloss Sweet Kiss:

• None in my opinion.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Would I Recommend Bourjois 06 Carton Rouge Gloss Sweet Kiss?
Yes, if you like wearing a red tinted gloss which gives a crystalline shine to your lips. You can choose from a variety of radiant shades available in this range.

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