Bourjois 10 Days Nail Enamel Photos

Bourjois 10 Days Nail Enamel Photos

bourjois 10 DAYS NAIL ENAMEL


  • Painting your nails is now hassle-free! The 10 DAYS nail enamel contains a chip resistant pro-silicium formula and a precise angled touch-up brush for a flawless chip-free manicure with a quick and easy application.
  • The pro-silicium formula acts as a protective barrier to protect nails from chipping and makes them 2x as strong*.
  • The brush has been specially designed for a 2-way use. Wide and angled, it perfectly adapts to the nail shape, for an even application from the very first stroke. Its slanted tip allows you to touch up with ease leaving no marks or chips.
  • Available in 12 shades from natural tones to classical reds and fashion trendy bright colours!

* Scientifically tested on 102 panellists.
** With touch-ups. Scientifically tested on 110 panellists

Price : Rs 350

bourjois anti choc no chips nail paint

No 11 : A bright orange nail paint with reddish orange shimmer.

rati beauty ad

Bourjois No 11 Nail Polish

No 12 : A pearly white nail paint with silvery white shimmer.

Bourjois No 12 Nail Polish

No 13 : A baby pink color with very fine silver pink shimmer.

Bourjois No 13 Nail Polish

No 14 : A nude mauve pink nail polish with pink shimmer.

Bourjois No 14 Nail Polish

No 15 A bright fuchsia pink with pinkish shimmer.

Bourjois No 15 Nail Polish

No 17 : a red wine color with no shimmer

No 17 Bourjois 10 day nail paint


No 18 : An inky blue shade with blue and silver shimmers.

No 18 Bourjois 10 day nail paintNo 19 :  A purply pink with purple shimmer

No 19 Bourjois 10 day nail paint

No 21 A maroonish wine color with reddish gold shimmer.

No 21 Bourjois 10 day nail paintNo 22 : A chocolate brown with copper shimmer.

No 22 Bourjois 10 day nail paintBrush : And this is the slated cut brush. You can also use this to paint the edges of the nails or do touch ups.

brush-bourjois-nail paint

Nail Paint

Available at Kunchals, GK-1 M Block Market

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    Thanks for the heads up,Rati…Will keep my eyes open in case I spot the ultra cute Baby pink one and the pearly white one! :puchhi: :jalwa:

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