3 New Shades in Bourjois 4 D Effect Lip Glosses

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This post is dedicated to IMBB lipgloss lovers. 🙂

Bourjois 4 D Effect Lip Gloss

  • Shade 65 is a a fuchsia pink colour
  • Shade 64 is peachy pink colour
  • Shade 62 is a candy pink colour

Bourjois 4 D Effect

Bourjois Lip gloss L’oreal is coming up with 6 new shades in lipglosses. Price Rs 715. 🙂

And here’s an announcement : :announce: Under Colours of Benetton is having a flat sale of 30% and if you buy above Rs 4000, you have a discount of 40 %..

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rati beauty diet plans


31 thoughts on “3 New Shades in Bourjois 4 D Effect Lip Glosses

  1. hey i love loreal lipglosses …. i have soooo many n they are the ones i reach the most…
    thanks for letting us know rati

      1. they are too good …
        L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipgloss, …
        m talking abt this…
        are these the ones or some new loreal ??

        1. Under colours of benetton is a lingerie line for United Colours of benetton. 😛 Their sale starts and ends like nobody’s business. last time sale started on Friday, I went to purchase suff on Sunday and they were already out of stock of half of the stuff…

  2. Woww…Jomol is busy doing something useful! And I thought she would be here waiting to give me the castor oil welcome when I get back to commenting :rotfl:

    1. I just messaged her that you are back. ha ha ha ha ha!!

      She should be around soon. 😛 Now there is no way she could resist. :rotfl: :rotfl:

  3. Oh wait..this Rashmi PTM..she is the Idrops Rashmi…OMG..I cannnnnnot believe this..I was tricked…someone save me from the potato :airplane: need to get out of here…

      1. Then I’ll love 62 better than 64 🙂 Think Priya hasn’t seen this yet. He he..Its raining lipsticks and lip glosses in IMBB 🙂

  4. i thought i myself should change my name here now … its high time … u guys will smile daily after reading my comments… let me change my pic also with castor oil and eye drops bottle….:):):)

  5. Thanks for the reviews on the L’oreal lip glosses. Are these the new Glam Shine ones? If so, I will be elated, as I love L’oreal Glam Shine. I am so excited. Please keep us updated as soon as they are launched. Thanks also for the Maybelline lipsticks review….i want ALL the pinks and corals. :mean: :-))

    1. Sabrina, I’ll keep you updated on the Loreal lip glosses. i am not sure which ones are launching as of now. 🙂

      I won’t be surprised if you end up buying ALL pinks and corals. 😛

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