Bourjois Applicator Double Tip Review

Bourjois Applicator Double Tip Review

Bourjois Applicator Double Tip Review

Product Description:

Bourjois Applicator Double Tip is a Double-Ended Applicator, especially designed for makeup professionals. On one side, the foam tip helps to emphasize the lash or apply the paint on the entire eyelid. Moisten the applicator for a liner route. The other, the brush tip provides a perfect shadow fading, can also be used to fade the color of lipstick.

eyeshadow brush


Rs. 150

eyeshadow brush

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I don’t know how many of us knew about this beauty, otherwise I will credit myself for finding it online 😛 I am into a serious Bourjois and Chambor phase now and hence this review!

eyeshadow brush

The other day, I was surfing and realized the dearth of makeup brushes we have, I mean the top quality ones, mainly the eye shadow applicator. Everywhere I see, there are those sponge tip applicators, numerous of which I have personally tossed in the bin each time I am supplied those with an eye shadow, why on earth will I buy a whole set of those sponge tips which does drink up my eyeshadow and nothing ever comes up on the lid when I use them.

eyeshadow applicator

eyeshadow applicator

ELF has some fabulous usable eyeshadow brushes that a friend of mine from IMBB got me from the US, that makes me even more sad, about why we don’t have some good eyeshadow applicators and blending brushes available easily here without compromising on the pocket or the quality. Of course, now in the affordable range, I have heard about the Faces blending brush from my friends and they even have Rs. 100 applicator brush.  Another one surprisingly comes from Oriflame within 150 rupees which is a great blending brush. Apart from that, MAC is of course there, but not everyone of us would want to spend on MAC you see for numerous reasons.

eyeshadow applicator

So, I though of ordering this one.  My jaw dropped when I saw this eyeshadow brush from Bourjois under 200 rupees!  I have always lusted after Bourjois Kabuki, but never owned one 🙁

Apart from the cost, what I like about this one is the versatility. See how its has a smudge end, a soft sponge tip to smudge kajal.  It can also be used for smudging your lipstick to use as a stain or even softening your eye pencil or your lip pencil. So much for 150 rupees!

The quality of this applicator is top notch. Why I say this is because firstly, its Bourjois and secondly the metal/plastic body is sturdy and heavy and not flimsy or wooden.  Thirdly, the brush hair is nice and tightly packed, not sparse or loose, doesn’t come off after three washes at least and the sponge is also not the flimsy one which can be plucked out by my toddler 😛

The brush also has two sides guarded with brush guard or the plastic that is supplied with it.  The shiny black body is very sexy and really pretty. The guard makes it easy for me to carry it in my makeup pouch too.  Remember, the size is tiny, its exactly the size of the ELF smudge brush which is half or less of a regular brush. That’s is what makes it usable each day, for a natural look since we won’t wear a full on eye makeup everyday. So, its best for your soft eye work for office or college.

Ways To Use:

  • Smudge kajal on the lash line.
  • Smudge dark shadow under the lash line.
  • Smudge eye pencil for a softer look.
  • Smudge eyeshadow.
  • Apply eyeshadow wet or dry.
  • Use wet eyeshadow to line your eyes or to fill in the crease as sketch.
  • Smudge lipstick.
  • Smudge lip liner (my favourite).

Many more uses, I am sure you can think of.

Last Word:

For the price, considering the dearth of good quality and affordable eye brushes we have, this is a must have.  This has a nice, sturdy body, does not shed hair, and comes with a guard for your everyday eye makeup.  This brush may be tiny, but very versatile and great for starters who want to try on shadow but don’t want to invest in brushes yet.

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21 thoughts on “Bourjois Applicator Double Tip Review

  1. neha it’s sooo cute. Like a must have and you can travel so well with it., just one brush and your job is done. :)) great review. I loved the “how to use” part the most 🙂

  2. Nice review Neha ….. As I was reading the review you mentioned that sponge application wala brush waste lot of eyeshadow and doesnt apply shadow on the lid nicely 🙂
    Still one side of the brush has sponge application …. Is it gud to try out ???

    1. i dont mean this type this kinda smudge one
      sponge ones are flat ones and not pointed like this
      u know the ones we get with our shadows?
      this one is nice and firm

  3. the brush is out of stock in slassy 🙁 🙁 U wrote such a nice review that they got sold out it seems!!!!! Thanks for ‘discovering ‘ this though 😀

  4. This looks great Neha.. totally a must buy I guess. Never knew Bourjois has brushes.. Thanks for the review Neha 🙂

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