Bourjois Blush #41 Bonne Mine/ Healthy Mix Review

Bourjois Blush #41 Bonne Mine/ Healthy Mix

Hello ladies,

I am so happy writing today’s review. I have found something which looks super adorable and works like magic. I am talking about Bourjois’ blush in shade 41 which is Bonne Mine/Healthy mix. I wanted to try out Bourjois since a long time and finally I have something which is nothing less than a cherry on my vanity. Let’s get started with the review. This is going to a picture heavy post as there are no words to express this beauty.

Bourjois Blush #41 Bonne Mine/ Healthy Mix

Rs. 660(yes it is expensive than the normal Bourjois blushes which are around Rs. 560.)
Bourjois Blush #41 Bonne Mine/ Healthy Mix  2

0.08 Oz/ 2.5 Gm

Shelf life:

3 years
Bourjois Blush #41 Bonne Mine/ Healthy Mix 3

My experience with Bourjois Blush #41 Bonne Mine/ Healthy Mix:

I always wanted a blush which looks like a natural rush of blood on your cheeks and not something which makes your skin sun burned or like a Barbie. Healthy mix is a beautiful terracotta blush which works just the same. First let’s talk about the packaging. Bourjois blushes come in the same color packaging as the blush inside which is an amazing thing as you can identify the blush by the packaging. It closes with a magnetic click which is very good for travelling. The blush comes with a small brush which works nicely but I prefer a proper blush brush for application. One more thing about this blush is that it does not contain parabens. For application, you need to swipe the brush 3-4 times on the blush for it to pick up the required amount of product. I think this means that the blush will be used up faster than I expected. Even for swatches, I had a difficult time because the color was not showing on my arm no matter how many times I swatched. Finally after 10-15 swipes the color started showing. Anyways, what is important is that it shows beautifully on my cheeks and gives a very romantic rush on my cheeks. One blush which everybody should own.

Bourjois Blush #41 Bonne Mine/ Healthy Mix  4

Bourjois Blush #41 Bonne Mine/ Healthy Mix  brush

Pros of Bourjois Blush #41 Bonne Mine/ Healthy Mix:

1) A beautiful terracotta color which gives a ‘just pinched’ look to your cheeks.
2) No parabens
3) Packaging is adorable.
4) Comes with a brush.
5) Does not look artificial or made up.
Bourjois Blush #41 Bonne Mine/ Healthy Mix 5


Cons of Bourjois Blush #41 Bonne Mine/ Healthy Mix :

1) Needs 3-4 swipes to pick up product.
2) Expensive than normal bourjois blushes.
Bourjois Blush #41 Bonne Mine/ Healthy Mix  swatch
Overall, I am in love with this color and the packaging. The blush looks adorable sitting in the case and the color is to die for.
Bourjois Blush #41 Bonne Mine/ Healthy Mix 6
P.S- the last picture is my blush collection which feels complete now with the addition of this blush.

blush collection

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15 thoughts on “Bourjois Blush #41 Bonne Mine/ Healthy Mix Review

  1. woww..such a pretty color. u r so right abt blushes being sun burnt look or barbie look. i too dont like such. but this is perfect.. can u tell me abt the wear time of this blush?

  2. woow 15 times, and is actually a shade im looking forward to have I have a pink at home that gives me the same problem

    1. i bought this blush 2 weeks back no idea *scared* but really??? i am so sad now!!! will keeping them upside down solve the problem?

  3. You have a nice collection of blushes *pompom* *pompom* I also own two set of bourjois blushes and I totally agree with u that they r just awesome *happydance* *happydance* nice review mily

  4. That’s suuuuch a gorgeous shade of the blush. I havent used a bourjois blush in a long time now. Used to love these cute little pots. Thanks for sharing mily. I am so tempted to check them out *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

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