Bourjois Corail Aie Aie Contour Edition Lip Liner – Yay or Nay?

Bourjois Corail Aie Aie Contour Edition Lip Liner

Hello beautiful women!

To make it clear, lipstick lovers are divided into those who line their lips and those who don’t. I’d like to believe that I’m one of those dare devils who thinks that lip liners aren’t a necessity :p But since curiosity always beats me, here’s a review on the first ever lip liner I own 😀

Its ultra-soft khol tip draws a smooth and precise lip contour to line the lips and prevents your lipstick from running for hours on end!
Enriched with mineral and plant pigments (rose and green tea) it is good for your skin. The formula is easy to blend, comfortable and smoothly glides onto the lips, leaving a soft velvety finish.

Price and Quantity:

Approximately $6 for 1.14g

Main Ingredients:


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My Experience with Bourjois Corail Aie Aie Contour Edition Lip Liner:

Since I decided to finally give the lip liner a try, I thought of picking it up in a peachy-nude shade, since I think you can never go wrong with such a color 😀 This pencil precisely matched the color that I was looking for. The lip liner comes in the usual pencil form, which requires sharpening. Now I didn’t think about this aspect when I was in the store (I was already sold by the color :p), but I think sharpening anything is so passé. You always end up with some mess and product loss. Anyhow, I think this is one of those colors that would suit a lot of skin tones. It is very similar to the Cargo Lipstick in shade Dubai. The khol is extremely soft, matte and glides on beautifully. It is quite opaque and can be used to prep you lips before putting any color that causes pigmented lips to seep through. If used as a lip color, this can be a little drying though. When I tried using it like so, it made the lines on my lips much more prominent. But then I had my trusty Aquaphor Lip Repair, which solved that problem. It clings to the lips for a very long time, but does transfer a little. I haven’t faced any problems with bleeding or feathering of color when this is on. I’d say it remains smudge proof for about 90% of the time. The khol doesn’t break when I sharpen it, but still it doesn’t overpower the fact that I don’t like sharpening stuff :p I still don’t think lip liners are essential, unless it’s really hard for one to deposit color within the realms of their lip boundaries :p I love the color and the texture, but that’s not enough for me to own gazillions of lip liners :p.


Pros of Bourjois Corail Aie Aie Contour Edition Lip Liner :

 Gorgeous peachy-nude color.
 Suitable for a large number of skin tones.
 Doesn’t transfer.
 90% smudge-proof.
 Khol doesn’t break on sharpening.
 Last for 4-5 hours.


Cons of Bourjois Corail Aie Aie Contour Edition Lip Liner :

 Has to be sharpened. Product gets wasted.
 Accentuates dry lips.



IMBB Rating: 4.3/5

Would I Buy or Recommend Bourjois Corail Aie Aie Contour Edition Lip Liner ?

I like it, but since lip liners aren’t my thing, I don’t see myself picking them up anytime soon. This is a lovely product for those who appreciate lip liners 😀

Let me know in the comments if you love using a lip liner. Take care lovelies.

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18 thoughts on “Bourjois Corail Aie Aie Contour Edition Lip Liner – Yay or Nay?

    1. Thank you Kadambari 🙂 Its a tricky color to pull off, but there are a number of shades from their collection that may suit you 😀

    1. Precisely said Lisha! I’m crazy about coral shades, so much so that I don’t think twice before purchasing it, irrespective of the season 😀 Btw, I’ve spotted your coral shade blazer which looks super gorgeous 😀

  1. That’s a beautiful shade and I also do not like using lip liners. 😀 And few lip liners I have end up being used as matte lip colours. Very rarely I use a lip-liner beneath a lipstick.

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