Bourjois Effet Lumiere Golden Eyeshadow Trio

Bourjois Effet Lumiere Golden Eyeshadow Trio

Hey guys, this eyeshadow is my favourite. I got had it as a gift and I am in love with it. The eyeshadow’s texture is very smooth and the colour is very subtle and not too sparkly and shimmery. This colour complements my wheatish skin tone very well. When applied, it does not look too bright, so it is good for working women. Since it was a gift, I do not know the price.

Bourjois effet Lumiere golden eyeshadow trio

How the product is supposed to be used:

Apply the lightest shade on the eye lid and brow bone. Apply the middle shade on the eyelid and the darkest shade close to the upper lashes. If you want, it can be applied the way above, but I use it differently. I apply the lightest shade on the brow bone and the darkest shade on the eye lid and the middle shade on the end sides of the eye.

Bourjois eyeshadow

When I apply this eyeshadow, it lasts long up to 5-6 hours. It is non-transferrable, water proof. It gives better results when applied with a sponge applicator. You can even moisturise your applicator for a deeper colour result. The best part is that it does not settle in the creases of the eyelid.

Bourjois eyeshadow EOTD

What I Love about Bourjois Effet Lumiere Golden Eyeshadow Trio:

1) Complements my skin tone, matches it perfectly.
2) It comes in a trio package, I tend to prefer trio’s because you get 3 different shades in one.
3) Lasts really long, I have been using it for about 7 months now on a daily basis and still a lot is left.
4) It does not accumulate on eyelid creases, even without a primer or foundation.
5) It hides small blemishes and redness.
6) Gives a subtle glow.

What I Do Not Like about Bourjois Effet Lumiere Golden Eyeshadow Trio:

1) It is opaque, some prefer sheer ones.
2) May not look very good on dark skin.
3) It is a very common colour and a very commonly neglected colour, as mostly every girl tends to own an eyeshadow of this shade.


Overall, I really like the product. It is something that you can use on a daily basis. From my experience, it is also sweat-proof, long lasting and it is not clumpy. The eyeshadow palette box it not very durable, I dropped it from about one-feet height and the lid broke from the box and now the lid is of no use, and I have to store the eyeshadow in a closed closet covered with a tissue so that it remains dust free.


4.8/5 and 0.2 deducted for the bad packaging. The quality of the box is not good. It is made up of not so good-quality plastic.

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30 thoughts on “Bourjois Effet Lumiere Golden Eyeshadow Trio

  1. Nice trio !!! Looks very natural on you !!! I like such natural makeup !!!! It must be 500- 600 around I suppose !! I have neutral eye shadows in maybelline , which I use , thts good too !! :thumbsup:

    1. Yaa its sumwer around dat price range.. and its from alfa so mayb even more cheaper i guess.. I will try dat eyeshadow coz i really dont like bright colours on my face i kinda look ghastly :yikes: .. lol

  2. 4.8/5 is a good score. it really looks like a very wearable shade. you are right about the ‘neglected’ part..i guess becos its not too dramatic and might not show easily, probaby most might not lean towards this color but it does seem very wearale to work as well.

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