Bourjois Eyeshadow 08 Beige Rose Review, Swatch

Bourjois Eyeshadow Collection Rendezvous a Paris (Nathalie Lete) – 08 Beige Rose

Hi Everyone,

This is a very special post for me. I have seen so many posts of eyeshadow tutorials by Rati here at IMBB that I used to really crib about the fact that I had only one eyeshadow and whenever I tried to use it, I always ended up looking like a ghost. So, when I got this product my happiness knew no bounds. The shade is so beautiful and everyday wear and the colour is so easily manageable depending on the amount of product used that I am truly enjoying using it. Although, it’s a single colour pot that does not involve the deserving complexities of three colours, I feel so happy to be successfully using a cute pot that’s labelled – eyeshadow.

Bourjois Rendezvous Paris

The Product:

Bourjois Eyeshadow Collection Rendezvous a Paris (Nathalie Lete).

Imported By:

Baccarose Perfumes & Beauty Products Pvt. Ltd.





The product has a small paper insert in the eyeshadow providing information about the collection.



Rendezvous a Paris.


08 Beige Rose


1.5 gm.


This is the most amazing part because I got this for free with my other Bourjois stuff!!! From Internet sources, it is around £5.86/-


Made in France.

Best Before:

18 Months from opening the pack.


Interesting Facts About the Product:

Bourjois had launched this collection called the rendez-vous a´ Paris, which consists of best-selling little round pot eyeshadows and Blushers around 2009 in Europe and this was a limited edition. With the help of French artist and illustrator, Nathalie Lete, Bourjois had decorated each pot of these five Eyeshadows and three Blushers with a beloved local landmark of Paris on their lids. The different shades were violet, silver, beige and black these were named as Beige rose, Violet absolu, Argent, Noir precieux, and Blanc diaphane.

My Take on Bourjois Eyeshadow Collection Rendezvous a Paris (Nathalie Lete):

I got Beige rose as a freebee. I wonder these were launched in 2009 in UK and after that in USA, but they reach here, to be given as free bees? I am slightly concerned about the expiry, but the packaging has a logo that says 18 months from opening the pack. As I also searched the internet and got to know that till the product is closed, it’s safe. So, I am kind of relieved about that.


The pot is so cute and it has a vintage charm to it. The lid of this eyeshadow 08 Beige Rose has a map of Rue. St.Honore that is so popular for shopping and breezy outdoor cafes. So, it reminds about the popular cafe culture of Paris. I am sure I am going to keep the pot with me even after the shadow is done with.

This comes in a pot that has a mirror on the upper lid. It also has a tiny shadow applicator that is cute, but I somehow don’t like it too much and prefer to apply the product with my fingers. This is how the pot looks when open:



08 Beige Rose, as the name suggest is a beige-nude kind of shade that is so beautiful and shimmery with a light application. If sufficient amount is applied, it becomes more silver then beige to me. It is although a great highlighter. For me, it’s great as I don’t know how to properly apply eyeshadow, I really enjoy the shimmer it lends to my eyes.



It has silky soft smooth texture. It is feather light. I have heard that cream eyeshadows are better, but for me this texture is perfect. I take it on my figure tips and dab-smudge after which my fingertip is clean. The entire product is easily applied.

Colour Payout:

Colour payout is amazing, not much of the product is required to make the colour appear on eyes. Light application looks like this:



(Without any base on eyes)-

With a little more product and a base the colour looks more beautiful and shimmery:



(Please excuse if the pics look funny as I am just starting with makeup.)

Staying Power:

With a base, it stay put for 5 hours. My eyelids are pretty oily, so I do need a touch up to maintain the colour for whole day.


• Nice colour for every day wear.
• Very less product is required.
• Stay put for hours.
• Feather light texture.
• Easy to apply.
• Cute packaging.
• Has an in-built mirror.
• If more product is applied, good for evening wear.
• Can work as a highlighter.


• There isn’t any.




It is of immense value for someone who doesn’t really know how to apply eyeshadow.

Will I Buy it Again:

I am not sure I will get them, but if they are available somewhere sure, yes.

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  1. the pot is really cute n the color is perfect for highlighting mamta :woot: :yes: … i wud luv to use it as a highlighter on the brow bone n on the face too :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: ..n ur pics r doing gr8 justice to the e/s. 😉 :whistle:

  2. mamta i love bourjois round pot eyeshadows. they not only look cute but also offer good color pay off. btw these can be used wet as well. :)) you have done pretty eye makeup. :-*

    1. :yahoo: rati
      yet again u hv done it- i mean my nickname so pledge u vl cl me mata only. :pompom: my friends in school used to cl me that.
      N really i have done good eye make up, u dont now how encoraging is this to hear from u…
      :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

  3. mamta try their blushes too. they are very cute . 🙂 the only thing is that since they are baked , you have to scrape their top form time to time. 🙂

    1. ya rati but the baked powder also helps me to get just a little product n gives me better control i may be wrong… 😐

    2. Rati di…evn i use bourjoise baked blushes…can u plz explain the scraping part of a baked blush to me….i m totally unawar of it….plz plz plz plz…..

      1. tina that brush comes with the blush na.. semi rounded one. just move it roughly on top party of the blusha few times. you cna also take a baby tooth brush can scrub it gently on top of the brush. this would take of the top layer of the blush and a new layer would come up. 🙂

        1. The Bourjois blushes look very cute naaa..I feel like biting into them whenever I see them heheheeeeeeeeeeeee…like cotton candy cute 😀 😀

        2. K i got u… :thanks: :thanks: Rati di….i will go & do it rite nw…..btw how will i be able to understand dat its d rite tym to srape off d top layer…??? ?:) ?:)

  4. Mamta……you have drawn the liner so beautifullly….working for IMBB…..I get to see and appreciate such amazing things ……

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