Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush 39 Rose Mandarine Review

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush 39 Rose Mandarine

By Jirapinya Chaipan

Hi Lovely ladies!

I’ve written two reviews here and to be honest, all of the comments from you girls encourage me to write more! Thank you for your intentions and lovely comments.Today I’m going to show you one of my cosmetic items I’ve been using recently and I’ll show you how it works for me. I hope you will enjoy reading. I’ve been using this lovely “Little round pot blush by Bourjois” for a while. The Little round pot blush exists in 12 shades to match all skin tones. Today I’m going to show you the shade I got which is 39 Rose Mandarine.

I have few products from Bourjois in my collection and the quality of the product is reasonable compared to the price. I have bought this Bourjois blush on because of its lovely shade. As I mentioned above that 12 different shades are available so I knew there  would be one  that suits me! So if you’re wondering about the perfect shade for you. I guess there will be one which suits you as well.

Product Description:

Our timeless blusher has been around for almost 150 years and has made Bourjois famous worldwide thanks to its amazing texture and packaging. The baked texture transforms when applied to the skin into an ultra-fine pressed powder, which is easy to apply and blends impeccably. One stroke of the brush reveals the irresistible aroma of the rose scented powder. Its built-in mirror and brush is perfect for touch-ups on the go!

Quantity: 2.5 g.

Price: 13 USD

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Let’s see inside this tiny blush on, the small brush and mirror is provided as well. As you see in the picture, this 39 rose mandarine shade does not contain any glitters or shimmers, so it is suitable for the natural make up look. The shade of this blush is the combination between orange and pink which gives you a natural pastel look on your cheek. It will be a good choice for daily blush on. Also the base tone sare orange and pink, so you can apply this blush and use  the different shades of lipsticks such as nude beige, orange or pink.



My experience with Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush 39 Rose Mandarine

My first impression of this little round pot blush was the brand, I always pick something from Borjois as the price is affordable for me and the quality of the products is worth it. The second thing which encouraged me to buy was the 12 different shades , so I can be sure that there will be one shade which matches my skin tone.


Lastly, the packaging which is strong and the size is so tiny (4.5 cm. diameters). I often travel and blush on is needed  everywhere I go, so this packaging and the size is perfect for me. I would recommend for the girls who always travel, it’s so tiny and also does not take too much space for you cosmetic bag. The small brush is also contained in the package which is really easy to use and you could not believe that the mirror is provided inside as well.

Beyond the outside looks of this little round pot blush, the color of the blush on when apply to my skin looks so natural. It was not too heavy in the first time I apply on my cheek, if you want it to be darker, just apply it again and still it looks natural.

Pros of Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush 39 Rose Mandarine

• The quality is worth your money, it looks lovely on your skin and lasts long until the end of the day.
• The packaging is convenient for those who travel often, it’s tiny and tough. (I dropped it on the floor twice still there’s no crack.
• Mirror and little brush in the package are useful.
• Affordable price

Cons of Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush 39 Rose Mandarine

I couldn’t find any cons in it. Unless you do not like the packaging then you might not like it. I have no any complaints from the shade and how it looks on my cheek, it just looks perfect!
IMBB Rating: 5/5


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  1. The color is so gorgeous *haan ji* , looks lovely on u *clap* *clap* I have it in another shade…wish this one was available here too

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