Bourjois Mat Illusion Bronzing Powder Review

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Today, I am reviewing Bourjois Mat Illusion Bronzing Powder in “Fair” – a lighter shade (T21). This bronzer comes in two shades “light” and “dark,” for my moderately fair complexion.  I chose the lighter shade which is pigmented and has an orange tinge, which imparts a natural sun-kissed look. To know more about this bronzer, read on 🙂

Bourjois Mat Illusion Bronzing Powder

$12.50 for 15 gm.

Product Description:
This Bourjois mat illusion bronzing powder offers a natural, shine-free finish. Created for use all year round, this matt, non-pearlescent formula isn’t just a bronzer. It can also be used to sculpt and enhance for a smooth, refined effect that last all day and night.

Packaging:  Packaged in a good-quality plastic compact with a transparent lid. The plastic clip on the side of the lid enables secured closing. Simple and travel-friendly packaging.


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How To Apply:  Apply using a powder brush for a ultra natural finish. Can be used for contouring, sculpting and highlighting.

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My Experience with Bourjois Mat Illusion Bronzing Powder:

My moderately fair and sensitive skin gets easily tanned and I have never felt the need to use a bronzer. However, after regularly using SPF creams, foundation and makeup, the uneven tan marks have faded and are not noticeable anymore after wearing makeup.  So, to get a natural tanned look, I decided to pick my first bronzer from Bourjois. The brand claims that their bronzer gives an ultra-matte, natural-looking tan while smoothing the skin with an air-brushed finish.

Bourjois bronzer

There are two shades available in this range and I picked the lighter one for my moderately fair skin. T21 is a terracotta shade which has an orangish tinge and gives a sun-kissed glow to my face. I apply this bronzer on my forehead, near the hairline, side temples, to the outer cheekbones – near the hairline, along the jawline towards the chin and the front of my nose; actually, the areas on my face where the sun kisses 😛


I also brush it lightly on my double chin and around the neck. It gives a natural sun-kissed look to my face. I prefer using a very soft textured powder brush to get a mild natural effect. This product is pigmented and intensely buildable for a desired effect, and one has to be careful not to go overboard with the application.

I once applied this bronzer using a blusher blush since I do not have the contour brush or the dome-shaped brush and it gave a heavy “made up” look, which looked quite okay, but I prefer a soft and natural look. I use my soft powder brush which enables mild application and gives a soft glow to the skin.

The texture of this bronzer is silky to touch, not powdery or chalky; however, when applied directly to the face, over a face cream, without using any foundation or face base, it tends to dry my skin on the forehed, hairline, and near my temples. Also, when I once applied it over Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer, it resulted in clogging and I got two pimples near my chin in this weather, where my skin tends to dry a lot.  It’s amazing how my sensitive skin reacts to different products in different ways. Now, I prefer using this bronzer only after applying foundation or a face base and the results are excellent, no drying, no pimples. It lasts easily for eight hours, or even more, and needs to be removed with a makeup remover.

This bronzer blends well and enables easy and smooth application and a little goes a long way.  The quantity is good for the price you pay, indeed affordable. This is my first bronzer and hope my experience is of some help to you all.

Pros of Bourjois Mat Illusion Bronzing Powder:

  • Gives an ultra-matte, natural-looking tan while smoothing the skin for an air-brushed look.
  • Beautifully sculpts facial contours and gives the perfect sun-kissed glow.
  • Matte, non-pearlescent formula blends perfectly over the skin while the soft focus pigments have an air-brush effect; blurring pores and imperfections.
  • Contains SPF 10.
  • Available in two shades.
  • Good quantity for the price, very affordable.
  • Nicely pigmented and buildable to get the desired effect.

Cons of Bourjois Mat Illusion Bronzing Powder:

  • In my opinion, it is a bit dry and cannot be used directly on dry or sensitive skin.
  • Either ends up drying my skin out or results in breakouts depending on the moisturiser I have used.

Would I Recommend Bourjois Mat Illusion Bronzing Powder?

Yes, I recommend this product to all. Depending on your skin tone and the desired effect, you can choose from two shades available in this range.

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