Bourjois Ombre A Paupieres Eyeshadow 15 Review

Bourjois Ombre A Paupieres Eyeshadow 15

Hi everybody,

I told you I will be reviewing eye shadows back to back. There are some eye shadows that I bought from Bourjois too. Do I find these as good as Inglot eye shadows? Read on to find out.

Product description: New silkier formula, new hot shades! Bourjois has used the revolutionary “baked technology” since 1863 to give its eyeshadows an ultra soft, light and easy-to-blend formula. Don’t be shy, apply as much colour as you want for a luminous result.


Rounded, colourful and smart compact cases, as precious as jewels! A unique feminine design with integrated mirror and applicator for an easy application anytime, anywhere. And… it respects your eyes.

Product details: A hypoallergenic formula, paraben and fragrance free. Contains up to 80% of mineral pigments.

Price: INR 445


My experience with Bourjois Ombre A Paupieres Eyeshadow 15:

It comes as a small cute pan with a closed lid. The body of the eye shadow is colored the same as the shade. When you open it the eye shadow surface is covered with a paper sheet, there is an ultra cute eye shadow applicator (which has no use though) and the opened lid has mirror on the inner side. I loved the packaging on the first site.

The eye shadow shade is pinky mauve. When you rub it with your fingers, it appears to be pink. When I try to pick it up with the brush, I can see the powder coming out and when I try to pat the eye shadow on the lids, there is nothing that comes out seriously. If I repeat the patting process 2-3 times, I can see a faint pinkish hue on the lids with a lot of fall out. Now, if I take wet brush, swipe it on the shadow surface and transfer it on the lid, the pigmentation is quite better. The color that comes out is pinky mauve with silver shimmer and glaze. I have to do the patting process 5-6 times and I can see nice color on my lids. There is some shimmer fallout but to a manageable extent.


The pigmentation stays the same for maximum 1 hour. After that, it starts getting lighter. After 2 hours or so there is only shimmer visible with faint mauve background. The staying power is increased by around 1 hour by using a base.

The impression that the packaging made on me, was almost nullified by the performance of this eye shadow. May be I can use this on top of a good quality matte eye shadow for the shimmer effect. The other option is to use it with a base for outings that are not intended to be any longer than 2-3 hours.

Also, if I try using it with the applicator provided, the applicator turns all pink but does not transfer anything on the lid. So, these cute applicators have no use there but I can put them to use by washing them and using them for cleaning my eye makeup under the lower lash line precisely. It is perfect for that purpose.

This is just a normal eye shadow with average quality; it is not worth Rs 445 at all.


Why I like Bourjois Ombre A Paupieres Eyeshadow 15:

• The cute packaging.
• Built in mirror.
• Pretty shade on using wet brush.
• Paraben free.


Why I do not like Bourjois Ombre A Paupieres Eyeshadow 15:

• Not very impressive pigmentation as compared to the eye shadows available in the same price.
• Average staying power.
• High price compared to the quality.
• Applicator is of no use in applying eye shadow.

Rating: 3/5

Repurchase and recommendation: No, for this price you better buy Inglot.

Until next time, take care!

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  1. Awww this is not even visible with the dry brush *headbang* however it looks good and sweet with a wet brush *hifive*

  2. Such a cutie shade *puchhi* . What is bourjois doing …. *headbang* *spank* *spank* Inglot to the rescue… *jogging* *pan*

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