Bourjois Paris Liner Stylo – Black Review

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An eye pencil is one of the important cosmetics any woman would love to own! Even if you are not into makeup, a kajal/kohl or a lipstick would be with you. Whether you love bold strokes or just a thin line, wing shape or curvy lines, you need to have a handy eye pencil. Many would prefer the traditional liquid eyeliners and kohl over eye pens and if you ask me, it works best when I mix and match the products. I usually prefer liquid eyeliners for my upper lash line and pencils or kohl for lower lash line. Since I have used Bourjois Paris Liner Stylo Ultra Black and to evaluate it enough, it didn’t seem to be ‘ultra’ black, I picked up black eye pencil out of curiosity to spot out the difference.


Price: £5.99
Product Description:
This retractable eyeliner combines the ease of a pencil with the long-wearing hold of a liquid liner.
Ultra-soft texture enriched with carnauba and beeswax. Built-in sharpener ensures precision – anytime, all the time.

My Experience with Bourjois Paris Liner Stylo – Black:


It’s typically an eye pencil with a long hold feature of a liquid liner. The eyeliner is smartly packaged in a slim and trim retractable eye pencil. A built-in sharpener is located at the end of the pencil which is quite easy to handle especially while travelling. It is smudge-proof and yes the pigmentation is fairly good.


The texture of the eye pencil is super smooth and it is convenient to apply it on your upper and lower lash lines. The colour is jet black and has a fine mulish quality. Since it is creamy, the final result is quite rich and dark and you can build up for the desired extra intensity. It slides on comfortably causing no skin irritation. The best advantage is, it stays longer. There is no need for a touch up during the day, it holds the value and looks neat.


Now, a short paragraph about the difference between the two eye pencils – black and ultra black – well, honestly there isn’t much. Many of you who would be a little confused to pick one between the two, just chill. Personally, I didn’t find any difference and there are no complaints! They stay velvety, lasts long and tidy.


As it’s little fragile, you need to be careful while applying as it has a tendency to break. The good part is it’s true to its claims. The pigmentation is really strong and it easily lasts for more than 6 hours. It holds a lot of moisture and as a result of this feature; it doesn’t dry out. The pencil holds a fine and good quality and so there is no feathering or spreading at all. It contains carnauba and beeswax which act as thickening agents helping the liner to stay pigmented on the lash lines.


It is quite convenient to remove the liner with a normal makeup remover (at least I didn’t find any issue with it). Yes, it is a plain eye pencil, no glitter, no shimmer and no sparks which are quite practical for everyday use. I am applying this liner daily and I am pretty impressed by the shade, durability and quality. So, overall it is a definite good product from Bourjois. It is smudge-proof, stays long and has a smooth texture.


Pros of Bourjois Paris Liner Stylo – Black:

  • Fine Packaging.
  • Smudge-proof.
  • Smooth Texture.
  • In-Built Sharpener.
  • Available in 3 shades.
  • No skin dragging.
  • Easy Application.
  • Lasts at least for 6 hours.

Cons of Bourjois Paris Liner Stylo – Black:

  • Can’t find any!

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5.
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Bourjois Paris Liner Stylo – Black?
If you are planning to buy kohl then this is a good bet. Simple to use! I already have both the shades – black and ultra black, so no plans to buy.

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