Bourjois Paris Ombre A Paupieres Eyeshadow in 11

Bourjois Paris Ombre A Paupieres Eyeshadow in 11

Hi Ladies,

Bourjois Paris Ombre A Paupieres Eyeshadow in 11

I had been away to the blossoming Benguluru like I call it, hadn’t been on the laptop for three days and had serious IMBB withdrawal symptoms. Since we came back only at 11:30 PM, my hubby was watching from the corner of the eye whether I would check my mails and IMBB or not! But I had to give up and so I am writing this post today, an eyeshadow that is totally driving me crazy this whole week!

I have to say Bourjois has been luring me since ages, but somehow I was always occupied with other brands and now I am in some serious love with Bourjois (you would have guessed after reading my posts on the blush and the green eyeshadow).  The whole baked thing and the gorgeous round pots are one of the most tempting factors and I am out to explore the brand from top to bottom. So you can expect some more reviews from Bourjois.

Bourjois Paris Ombre A Paupieres Eyeshadow in 11

This shadow in number #11 is a shimmer shadow which is almost a dirty silver, but sometimes feels like a khaki silver color as well. But all in all, I love khaki and silver eyeshadows and this is the perfect blend of khaki and silver for me with some gorgeous shimmer.

The shadow comes in a pretty pot with the entire packing glittering and is just like the color inside. The pot is so pretty and glittery that you fall in love with the shadow then and there.

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Bourjois Paris Ombre A Paupieres Eyeshadow in 11

About the texture, it is thick and shimmery.  You can see how pigmented it is.  The best part is that it comes out beautifully on a black base like I have done.  I have used it on a black base for the picture just for trial. Without a base, the color comes out a light, dirty, silver-green kind with a lot of shimmer.

Being a shimmer shadow, there is fallout, which is why you see the twinkling picture. But it is fine by me to have a shimmer eyeshadow that it is not tightly packed. The staying power over a base is fine too, but I suggest using it on a base always due to the shimmer.

Bourjois Paris Ombre A Paupieres Eyeshadow in 11

The cute wand that comes with it is actually a little troublesome to remove every time you open the pot, so I am going to do away with it anyway.

Bourjois Paris Ombre A Paupieres Eyeshadow in 11

Last Word:


It is a gorgeous silver green shadow with loads of shimmer.  This looks very pretty on a black base but I suggest using it on a base as the shimmer is loosely packed and there is fall out to the color. But I love the color and the packingaging too.

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56 thoughts on “Bourjois Paris Ombre A Paupieres Eyeshadow in 11

  1. I again want to borrow the words I used for your last eyeshadow review/eotd ….”out of the world” Neha…..and super attractive 🙂

  2. really gorgeous eyes Neha. After looking at your reviews and your fotos, i am tempted to go for shimmery eyeshadows but I know its not just my style at all and it would look horrendous on me. 🙂 do keeping reviewing and showing us such pretty fotos

    1. im sure u will rock it
      i used such a lot of shimmer thingie on a black kajal base to tame the shimmer you try it too
      thnks for appreciating aruna 🙂

          1. no no no..i meant is that the Elle 18 black liner or the Elle 18 sparklers (Elle 18 has that pencil type liner also na called sparklers?)..:) 🙂 anyways got my answer 🙂 hahaha..btw, didnt see any shadow fall out at all actually 🙂

  3. you make me like every eyeshadow u use! this is not fair Neha! you are awesome in eye makeup, and i am an expert in ruining it :P. I love this shade and the way u used it on black base!
    nice review and pretty EOTD!

  4. thats a lovely e.o.t.d neha , seriously i cant stop staring at your eyes 🙂 & that shade is equally gorgeous 😉

    1. thnks nandini yes these r kryolan lashes (not revud)
      but i have been tryin lashes now and revud most of them on imbb 🙂
      this such a nice shimmer u try it

  5. Neha u are an expert in eye-make up..!!! i miss (need) the jaiho smilie now..!!! The eyeliner application is “Perfect”..!!! do tutorials na..

  6. Awesome awesome..neha,wen ever i see ur posts,i see the pix firstly and then read the matter..
    and I must learn eye makeup from you.. 🙂

  7. Hi Neha, such stunning eye makeup, I am just staring & staring. I love shimmery stuff, so am surely going to check out this eyeshadow soon. Lovely review & pics.

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