Bourjois So Delicate Lip Cream Rose Veloute Review, Swatch

Bourjois So Delicate Lip Cream (53 rose veloute)

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Before IMBB happened to me I wasn’t really into makeup, makeup was only restricted to few items and few brands but lately, after being exposed to so much here I wanted to experiment and that’s how I thought of trying Bourjois.

As the most loved item in my stash is always a lipstick so trying out a lipstick was obvious and when I particularly saw these I was sold!!!

Bourjois So Delicate Lip Cream Rose Veloute Review, Swatch

What : Bourjois So Delicate Lip Cream

bourjois lip cream rose veloute

Shade : 53 rose veloute

Company : Bourjois Paris

Made In : France

Use Before : Three years from packaging

Price Rs.600/-

Quantity 6 ml

What the company claims

• So Delicate lipcream is a delicate veil of colour for your lips
• With So Delicate, Bourjois offers a first, combining a powder finish with infinite comfort and hydration.
• Enriched with microspheres of colour powder, So Delicate offers a softened colour finish that is terribly sophisticated.
• The innovative new formula transforms into a powder upon contact with the lips, and provides 8 hours of non-stop hydration.

My experience with the product

I loved the way they looked at Bourjois counter and I was smitten by the fact that they were not anything like a lipstick to me. Packaging was so different and I was actually on a look out for a nude lipstick that does not wash me out. When the SA swatched it at my hand I decided to take it.


rose veloute lip cream

lipcream wand

It comes in a sleek-slim kind of tube. When I held it in my hand I feel like having a chocolate or gum in my hand. It’s super slim and doesn’t feel like lipstick. It also has a nice applicator; this is how the applicator & tube looks from side.

I have got 53 rose veloute shade this is a nude peach brown kind of shade. Fabulous for day wear and looks amazing with dark eyes. If someone loves peach this can be a good bet.

rose veloute swatch

It’s a winner at this consideration; it’s decently pigmented and gives full colour in a single swipe. Even on my pigmented lips a very little product is required. It’s quite buildable.

It’s the highlight of the product I absolutely loved the texture when I applied it is very smooth and very easy to apply.

Very mild fragrance that’s just makes it presence felt like I am wearing something nice on my lips that too fades in a hour or so.

It’s here, where this lip cream stands out. On the applicator it’s smooth and creamy with decent shine but it dries out with matte finish (As claimed), which is so very sexy in a subtle way. I have worn it for a good no of times and then realised that it is quite deceptive.
Unfortunately the lipstick is drying and stands against the claim of 8 hrs hydration. I love it in the beginning and was jumping with joy but then I realised that, on me at least, it was very drying. As it has matte finish it gets into fine lines of my lips and it flakes!!! Literary I could see flakes of colour hanging and after 3-4 hours it even makes a film kind of thing on the inner portion of my lips which is so annoying. As this was a nude colour everything was very visible. I tried exfoliating my lips but that didn’t helped. I did not want to use gloss on it as it would have defeated the purpose of the whole matte finish.

Then I tried a lip balm underneath and that saved the thing. Quite surprisingly it didn’t even alter the staying power. I feel that it was a nude colour that may have aggravated the problem. Now I use this with a lip balm and it’s perfect.

Lasting Power

Lasting power is good and lips carry beautiful colour after 3-4 hours (but look good with a balm underneath)

This is how it looks on my lips-

without flash

Lip cream swatches


• Unique packaging.
• Gorgeous shade.
• Light on lips.
• Buildable.
• Smooth texture.
• Unique finish like a cream- not lipstick not gloss, its matte but does not look like matte lipstick.
• Last on lips for good amount of time.
• Fragrance free ( Well Almost).


• Drying.
• Settles into fine lines.
• Needs a balm to look good.
• After whole day wear lips do feel dry.
• Amazing shades available.
• Quantity is 6 ml but the tube feels empty, I mean the packaging is opaque and I can’t see how much it has and the applicator never comes engulfed with product. It even wasn’t packed so I am a little sceptic.
• Price- Rs.600/- is on expensive side.

Rating : 4/5


It’s very good beyond the drying part and the finish is unique so might give a try. If someone loves matte finish then- do try.
Will I buy it again

Yes, as balm has really solved my problem and I also want to give a fair chance to this with a deep colour & I am in love the 55 Fuchsia shades. So, next is that.

Image 1

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49 thoughts on “Bourjois So Delicate Lip Cream Rose Veloute Review, Swatch

  1. this is such a pretty nude shade mamta. 🙂 I love lip creams. They give such anice soft matte finish. totally going to pick one of these soon. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    yeah with matte finishes you cant avoid the dry effect. soo. 🙁

    1. ya rati its a gr8 nude shade.

      I feel so sexy after applying this
      .u must-must try fact this is the most unique lipcolour in my collection. :yahoo: :yahoo:

            1. and u have passed on the nude/brown craze out to me 😉
              i am not getting satisfied with the nudes and browns i have – lotus nude glow, pristine maroon, bubbly nude, choco chip… now wanting more! lol

  2. This looks so lovely…too bad its drying..but I am going by your word…I don’t mind using such lip creams with lip balm underneath!! 😀 😀 Great review!! :waytogo:

    1. ya this is a great product n may be u vl hv a different experience with these,
      i they might not be drying on ur lips. 🙂

  3. i have this in a shade called fuschia. interstingly this is the only lip cream that does not settle into fine lines for me. both chambor and faceds lip creams flake n settle into lines. but i hate the smell of the bourjois lip cream…in fact of most of their lip products 😐

    1. natasha in fact i really want fushia..

      Its gr8 if u dont have the fine line problem coz then these are a gr8 product.
      N strange enough it really doesnt smell anythng to me. :idk:

    1. yes aruna
      the secound pic is with flash n balm n it looks the best on its own..n yes my camera does make every thng orange with flash. :smug:

  4. The color is very gorgeous Mamta ! Too bad its drying,I already havde dry lips so I guess I’l stay away from this ,lets hope I can find its dupe in so other brand :sidefrown:

  5. its very similar to my M&S lippi mamta which i sod to nupur :haanji: :haanji: ..its a gr8 shade n yes wud luk luvly with any smokey eye look.. 😉 😉
    bad its drying but a nice product nevertheless.. :yes: :yes:

  6. ah such perfect timing to cash upon my nude lust right now – u r wikid mamta! 🙂
    it looks lovely on u btw.

    think this may look a bit pale on me – get reminded of my TBS lipscious in lychee. but this range is NICE!

  7. What a lovely beautiful shade. I love such colours ….reminds me of Lakme Lip Love Aphrodite Blush that I have & simple adore….only that this is a bit more peachy while that one is a little more brown :preen:

  8. The finish does sound unique. :)) And the color looks nice Mamta. :)) I so want to try Bourjois, their blushes most of all. :toothygrin:

  9. in kolkata i don’t get bourjois easily …i mean they have lots of counters but ……i can’t get my choice ……i was looking for rose velvoute but i got the brown one …..the shade is pretty good i’m not OMG type of happy with the colour ….i read a lot of good reviews about this product so i bought the shade

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