Bourjois Volume and Fast Mascara Review


I love mascara. They are a part of my daily routine. Even if I am not using any other eye makeup, a mascara is a must. I feel mascara really opens your eyes and makes you look awake instantly. Today, I am reviewing a mascara which I have been using daily since last 2 months. It has a wonderful wand and has a most perfecting effect on my eyelashes.

From the website: Innovative new mascara : The new auto rotating brush instantly and evenly wraps around each lash for a false lash volume effect in 30 seconds flat* The brush rotates 360° and coats lashes from root to tip with no overloading guaranteed.

The Volume Fast & Perfect mascara does the work of a professional make-up artist for you achieving volume and definition at the push of a button!

Directions of use:Step 1 – To coat your upper lashes, push the button to the left and the brush will rotate anti-clockwise.

Step 2 – To coat your bottom lashes, push the button to the right and the brush will rotate clockwise. Gently apply the mascara from the roots to the tips of the eye lashes, in a slow, gentle movement.
The rotating motion continuously deposits all mascara from the brush onto the lashes and evenly spreads just the right amount of formula onto the lash fringe effortlessly and in record time.
No need to dip the brush into the mascara tube twice. In only one stroke, lashes are evenly wrapped for maximum volume and a perfect false lash effect in 30 seconds flat. For best results, apply onto an un-made up eye.


Its high resistance, volumising formula respects sensitive eyes and contains natural waxes, jojoba oil & vitamin E complex for instantly soft lashes that are well looked after.
Ingredients : Aqua (Water) • CI 77499 (Iron Oxides) • Paraffin •Cera Alba (Beeswax) • Styrene/Acrylates/Ammonium MethacrylateCopolymer • CoperniciaCerifera (Carnauba) Wax • Stearic Acid •Palmitic Acid • Jojoba Esters • Polybutene • Triethanolamine •Hydroxyethylcellulose • Phenoxyethanol • Butylene Glycol •Polyethylene • Sodium Laureth-12 Sulfate • Panthenol • PVP •Methylparaben • Cellulose • Ammonium Hydroxide • Propylparaben• Sodium Acetate • Potassium Sorbate • Isopropyl Alcohol •Simethicone • Tetrasodium EDTA • Pearl Powder • Polysorbate 65• Methylcellulose • Tocopherol • Sorbic Acid • Benzoic Acid • SulfuricAcid 10BMY005-3

Price: Rs. 1170/-

My experience with Bourjois Volume and Fast Mascara:

This is indeed an innovative mascara. I am not an eyelash curler girl. I bought this mascara at a Westside store just to get a SA off my back (Also, because I am a makeup junkie). The mascara tube is big and heavy…not suitable to carry in a purse. It has a round battery stored on the upper part of the wand which provides energy for wand rotation. The mechanism does take some time to get used to…but once you master it…you will love it. But it is still difficult to get to the lashes at the inner corner of the eye.
The formula is a jet black….even after 2 months of daily use, there is still a lot of product left. The product in the tube hasn’t clumped at all. It is a water resistant formula, but does get off easily when using an oil based cleanser/eye makeup remover.


All its claims are true. It provides a perfect curl to both upper and lower lashes. It is fast..takes only 30seconds to 1minute for both the eyes to get perfect. The curl lasts the entire day without the lashes becoming limp. It adds a beautiful length and volume to the eyelashes. The formula is not clumpy and the eye lashes are perfectly separated. It coats the lashes evenly from root to tip. You do not have to go back to apply a second coat on the lashes. It is a rotating wand and you can apply as much product as you want during the same rotation itself. You donot have to go reapplying from the tube since the mascara wand picks up enough product for both the eyes in one go. The formula is fast drying and does not mess up with your eye makeup…nor does it give panda like eyes.

Pros of Bourjois Volume and Fast Mascara

• Gives perfect curl, length, and volume to the eyelashes
• Separates the eye lashes
• Non-clumpy formula
• Dries quickly
• Water resistant
• Can be removed easily with any oil based remover.
• The wand can be re-used with other formula as well
• No need to use an eyelash curler
• Formula contains natural waxes, jojoba oil and vitamin E
• The battery cell is disposable and easy to purchase.
• Easily available at Bourjois counters and online.

Cons of Bourjois Volume and Fast Mascara

• Large and heavy
• The mascara bristles are not easy to get to inner corner of eyes
• The rotating wand will take some practice to get used to it
• Expensive

IMBB rating: 4.5/5

I usually use a mascara for maximum 3-4 months before discarding it. But I think I will hold onto the wand and use it with other tubes since the wand is so amazing. The battery cell is also easy to purchase at any watch shop. All in all.. I am in love with this product but since the price is high…I will keep reusing the wand with other mascara as well.

Do I recommend Bourjois Volume and Fast Mascara?

Yes, at least once.

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