Braided Hairstyles: Trend Alert!

Braided Hairstyle

An overview of various common and more complex braids. The terms ‘braid’ and ‘plait’ are generally interchangeable, although more complex weaves are usually referred to as braids.

In India we get an early aquaintance with the braid as when school starts thats the first and formost style of hair we wear. The ‘kas ke choti banao and bal badhao’ is a very old punjabi phrase and does actually work. I don’t seem to figure out the connection but I always used it. I always had oiled hair, braided tight in one or 2 or sometimes even in 3 braids until I was in 12th standard. Partial reason being my working mom and me going to a convent school.
You have ample you tube videos and over 40 styles of how to braid for various lengths.

You braid by using your own hair, parandis and some artifical hair as well. Braids are never out of fashion.
My very favourite star of gossip girl and the sisterhood of travelling pants wear this with her bohemian attire very very often.

I personally adore the french braid. The structure it gives to your face and the way it keeps the hair off your face as well as looks stylish. Uber stylish.

Fishbraid, dutchbraid, lace braid and what not braids are out there. Try them, layer them and look beautiful.

This year this hairdo makes a comeback. Actually it was never gone but this year vogue and cosmo tag it as one of the very worn hairstyles.

Braiding is also one of the hairdos that was very in in the summer of 2010. Not just summers this can be worn all the year round. This can add funk to usual boring and flat hair.

Also braiding is one hairdo that requires very less product for setting or styling or equipment. You can do it yourself or get it done.
jessica alba
For a party too this is a great hairdo. Celebs with streaked or coloured hair like jessica alba in the picture given belw make the braids look uber glamorous.

If you are a mom,you go to work out of the house are a doctor, beautician stay at home lady or naything this hairstyle is what we can call comfort hairdo.

This hairstyle is so very verstaille that you can create your own type as well.

A loose braided hairstyle can look super trendy and can be worn high or low, to the back or side. A braid with a bunis a personal favorite.

Who needs a headband when you can make one with your own hair? Try braiding them over and flipping them to one side. voila!

Put some flowers in the braid and you are ready to rock that beach.
scarlett johansson avengers
Scarlett Johansson appeared for The Avengers by wearing a lovely hairstyle on the red carpet for it. It’s already bringing me joy, this movie. Anyway, what she went with was a Dutch-style braid that goes all the way around her head. “Dutch” meaning that pieces are added in from underneath so the braid looks like it’s sitting on top of your head. And the braid itself starts on the underside of the hair and around the perimeter of the head. It’s not hard to do, but kinda hard to describe in words.
lauren conrad headband braid
Lauran conrad here below has the loosest looking braid and is known as the little braid girl of hollywood.

So in short a braids are never out of fashion but this season particularly goget some braiding done girls…

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  1. Loved the article! I too love braids. but mine are usually messy thanks to the layers! but still, I love’em

  2. Informative Article.. 🙂 I LOVE BRAIDS…♥ Trying my hand on Fishtail Braid these gives healthy look to hair.. 🙂

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