Braun Epilator Lady Shaver – LS 5160 R Review

Braun Epilator Lady Shaver – LS 5160 R Review

Hello Beauties!

Today, I am reviewing one of the products from Braun. It is an epilator. When I was in Japan, I had a very hard time due to lack of body care services like waxing and other grooming services. If at all anybody offered grooming services, the prices were sky rocketing. I decided that it was time that I bought an epilator, so that I could do all these things at home. I decided to go for Braun as it is a very reputed and trusted brand all over world. I did one mistake, instead of buying an epilator, I bought “Lady Shaver.”  Read on to see if I am satisfied with this one or not.

Braun Epilator Lady Shaver LS 5160 R Review

Product Claims:

The LS 5160 is a women’s shaver from Braun especially designed for an efficient shaving result. The Braun LS 5160 women’s shaver features a special Integrated Soft Strip that stretches your skin for better shaving results. The Braun women’s shaver can be used both on dry and wet skin. The floating foil in the Braun women’s shaver adjusts to all the curves of your body. The cutter block blade of the LS 5160 shaver gives you a safe shave and protects your skin by avoiding rashes and injuries. You can easily trim your bikini line using the Optitrim attachments of the Braun shaver measuring 4 mm and 8 mm.

Epilator 1


3099 INR.

Epilator 2

Features/How To Use:

The rounded shaver head of the Braun women’s shaver gives you a comfortable shave in the underarm area. The Braun LS 5160 women’s shaver runs on 2 AA size batteries and gives you 50 minutes of proficient cordless shave. These batteries reduce the efforts of having to carry a charger wherever you go. For all the women out there who are on the lookout for a smart shaving product, Braun LS 5160 is a perfect choice.

Epilator 3

  • Cordless Shaver.
  • Floating Foil Head.
  • Cutter Block Blade.
  • Hair Trimmer.
  • Cleaning with Brush.
  • Rounded Shaver Head for Underarms.
  • Exfoliation Attachment.

Contents: Main Unit, Cleaning Brush, Attachments.


The Optishave attachment of the women’s shaver helps you remove the unwanted hair on your legs. The Braun LS 5160 shaver has an exfoliating attachment for great shaving experience. The maintenance of the Braun LS 5160 shaver is simple as you can easily rinse the shaving head under tap water. The long hair trimmer of the Braun LS 5160 allows you to trim the lengthy hair on your body.

Epilator 4

My Experience with Braun Epilator Lady Shaver – LS 5160 R:

I do not like to shave my body.  In short, I do not like the feel of razors. I usually go for waxing. This time, I could not find a waxing option, so bought a Braun Silk-epil.  I did not know that I was buying a shaver at the store.  I came back, used it on my body, and it did not pain at all.  Then, I checked the box and “Lady Shaver” was written on it.  I was disappointed. I was worried about the roots of my hair. After shaving, hair becomes very hard. However, when I saw my roots, they were very soft and did not feel like I had shaved.  It is very easy to clean. The attachments are very easy to use. They fit effortlessly.

Epilator 5

It makes a loud vibrating sound that is annoying. You can also hear it making the chopping sound of hair, like a grass cutter :0

It does not have speed options. It just comes with an “on/off” button.  That’s a con because one cannot choose speed accordingly. It has different options for legs and for the rest of the body. Frankly, I did not find any difference while using it.

Personally, I think the epilator is a better option. However, this does its job perfectly. It saves a lot of time and money too. Therefore, I am happy 🙂

Epilator 6

Pros of Braun Epilator Lady Shaver – LS 5160 R:

  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Makes skin smooth.
  • Does not make hair roots hard.
  • Big time saver.
  • Slows the growth of hair.
  • Good for sensitive skin.

Cons of Braun Epilator Lady Shaver – LS 5160 R:

  • Makes loud noise.
  • No speed options.

Overall, I would say it is a great shaver, makes skin smooth and does not make hair hard. The only problem is that for a shaver, it is expensive. Any razor can do the same job. People who do not like to epilate (it can be painful), can go for this one.

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19 thoughts on “Braun Epilator Lady Shaver – LS 5160 R Review

  1. I think i need to buy this ASAP. Till date im using a proper braun epilator and it pains like hell. Fear of the pain, I often skips the procedure and goes hairy..:(:(:( and i have an odd problem after i delivered my baby, i had strong black hairs on my chin, which will not fade even after bleaching for 3 hopurs (yes i had tried). So i have the option of shaving, fax waxing or epilating. shaving i preffer the least on my face. so i went for face waxing and the out come was worst as i got pimples all over the place. so i bought epilator, i must admit it leaves me beard free for a week, but the texture of my skin has become worst and hair growth didnt increase but didnt reduce also..!!:(

    1. Hi I know waxing on face or any other body part except legs,arms & Underarms doesn’t suit everybody. I got my back waxed before my wedding and i had horrible pimples for at least couple of months then scarring. So, I know what you are talking about. Do try it.

  2. I own Braun Silk-epil 7681. I use it to epilate my legs and arms n sometimes my stomach. Ppl often complain about the pain at the beginning but I felt none to slight pain that too only on my arms. I love using it. Now I dont have to worry abt any salon appointments and I always have smooth legs n arms. It did cost me 7K bt its totally worth it 🙂
    One more thing, I exfoliate my body twice a week to avoid ingrowns n I am left with absolutely smooth skin 🙂

  3. I use the epilator and honestly, I dont feel the pain anymore. The only thing that i have to really take care of is the exfoliation. Otherwise i am so happy with the mess free hair removal option. 😀 Glad it worked for you. I prefer shaving for underarms . 🙂

  4. i use Panasonic Soie and compltly cmfrtable i m with it….i doesn’t hurt and absltly easy to use with speed options n less noise……nyc review fr further buying..thnkx N

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