12 Breakfast Rules for Dropping Extra Weight

Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day, and why not, the right kind of breakfast can set the pace for the rest of the day by kickstarting metabolism that would help in torching up of calories and also avoid storage of fat through the body. Ideally, one should be eating nutrient-dense food that will prevent frequent unhealthy cravings through the day. An ideal breakfast should provide ample nutrients and should be delicious at the same time, not something you do not look forward after a prolonged night of fasting. People are absolutely right when they say, “Eat breakfast like a king,” because it’s the most vital meal of the day; however, to lose weight, here are 12 breakfast rules for dropping extra weight.

Breakfast Rules for Dropping Extra Weight

1. Do Not Eat Breakfast in a Rush: As we have mentioned before, breakfast is the most vital meal of the day and sets pace for the day and that’s why it should not be eaten in a rush or grabbed while you are on the go. Do sit down with the breakfast and practice mindfulness to enjoy this important meal.

2. Indulge in a Protein-Rich Breakfast: Protein is the most important nutrient for weight loss because it keeps one full for long, keeps unnecessary cravings away, promotes fat burning, boosts metabolism, and helps with muscle building. Check out Rati Beauty weight loss diets to find recipes of protein-rich breakfast that would help with weight loss.

3. Don’t Pour your Breakfast from a Packaged Cereal Box: Most of these cereal boxes are hyped as healthy options, but in reality, they have high sugar content, artificial flavours and colors that lead to weight gain instead of weight loss.

4. Avoid White Bread and Jam: Popular as a convenient breakfast option, white bread and jam is totally the wrong choice to start your day with because white bread is made of refined carbs and jam is loaded with sugar which spikes up insulin and later causes energy slump, triggering cravings and hunger pangs.

5. Say no to processed food: Completely avoid any form of processed food as breakfast. All ready-to-eat food items should not be consumed as breakfast because they are usually high in sugar or sodium, have preservatives, and even transfat.

6. No Deeply Fried Food Either: Health experts say raw, steamed or lightly cooked food is best as breakfast, not the deeply fried ones because they have high calorie and oil content which can slow down the metabolism and make it sluggish.

7. Do not Forget Fiber: Just like protein, fiber is also essential for weight loss, and do try to include foods rich in fiber (32 Fiber Rich Food Items) to boost weight loss.

8. Avoid Too Much Sugary Stuff: Bagels, cupcakes, cookies, desserts – all of them with their high sugar content will lead to insulin spike and a strong crash later, triggering sugar cravings through the day.

9. Pair Carbs with Protein or Healthy Fats: Eggs, nuts, seeds, and other forms of healthy fats along with carbs help to keep the blood sugar levels stable and they make metabolism robust – all of these factors help to cut the flab and burn fat.

10. Start your day with this morning weight loss elixir – Check out Rati Beauty weight loss diet on the Rati Beauty app to find out which elixir we are talking about.

11. Don’t Juice your Fruits: Eat your fruits in their raw form because juicing gets rid of the precious fiber content, and as we all know, it’s really difficult to lose weight without fiber.

12. Chew Food Slowly: Coming back to the first point, do make it a point to chew your food slowly to avoid overeating and binging.

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